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TGIF: Two Guys Internetting Football

The Eagles should draft a quarterback

The Eagles locked the short term down at quarterback. They need to get the long-term worked out too.

Do the Eagles regret firing Andy Reid?

Philadelphia fans are being asked to trust again, but what will the outcome be?

The Eagles need to hire a QB guru

Jeffery Lurie has an opportunity to hire a quarterback guru.

Eagles need Sam Bradford more than he needs them

Bradford and the Eagles haven't been the happiest of marriages.

Off the field nonsense overshadows Eagles-Bills

Happy Friday, let's talk some football.

Should the Eagles fire Chip Kelly?

"We always find it's better to fire people on a Friday. It's statistically shown that there's less chance of an incident if we do it at the end of the week. Anyway, Peter..."

The future of the Eagles should start now

When will then be now? How soon is now? What's with all the questions?

Good things happen when Chip tweaks the offense

Happy (belated) Friday. DeMarco Murray's a little happier after getting more carries. But should he be?

Could this be the week the Eagles get on track?

The Eagles can't get out of their own way.

Trap game ... for the Jets?

Happy Friday. Hopefully it'll be a happy Sunday.

We're on to the Cowboys

Happy Friday. Let's move on to Dallas. Not literally, don't live in Dallas.

Ready for some football

Happy Friday. We're looking forward to the Falcons game, and looking back at the Na Brown Award.

The Eagles look pretty good so far

Happy Friday. The pre-season is going well, so that's good (not bad).

Eagles-Ravens is all about Sam Bradford

Happy Friday. Sam Bradford is probably finally going to play. What should we expect?

Biggest surprises of Eagles training camp

Happy Friday, actual exhibition football is just around the corner!

Which Eagles pass catcher will step up in 2015?

Happy Friday. Get ready to hit the weekend, just watch out for those blocking sleds.

Eagles training camp can't get here soon enough

Happy Friday, let's party. Not like LeSean McCoy.

NFL Players We Love To Hate

Happy Friday. An unfortunate week for a division rival has us reminiscing about the players we hate.

TGIF: Looking at Chip Kelly's Tenure as GM So Far

Happy Friday! It's been a busy week for general managers in Philly. How does Chip Kelly stack up?


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