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Extra Point Poll Week 1: RG3 Vs Luck

We're doing a new weekly poll this season with XFINITY where we'll pit two players against each other each week and vote on which we think will have a bigger fantasy football week.

Eagles Vs Cowboys: Records Could Fall

This afternoon's game isn't meaningless for everyone. One Eagle that will start and will be going all out is WR Jeremy Maclin, who needs just 36 yards to reach 1,000 for the season.

Eagles' LeSean & DeSean Go Over 1,000 Yards

The Eagles had a few milestones Sunday that were overshadowed by the ridiculousness of how the game played out. So I thought it would be worth giving these guys their due today.

Has America Forgiven Michael Vick?

There were two numbers that came out this week that seem to indicate that the country has forgiven Michael Vick. Not only have they forgiven him, but they appear to actually like the guy a bit.

Maybe DeSean Jackson Is Just A Streaky Receiver?

What if the reason DeSean Jackson hasn't had big games the past few weeks is just because he's streaky?

Eagles And Falcons Have The Easiest Remaining Schedule Of NFC Playoff Contenders

There are five games remaining in the NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest remaining schedule of every NFC playoff contender.

The NFL Season Begins For Real This Weekend

The NFL season, compared to virtually any other team sport, is incredibly short. That's really a large part of what makes it so great, that every game is meaningful. That said, there are two distinct halves of the season.

Michael Vick, Eagles Set Records In Win Over Colts

The Eagles had a statement win over the Colts Sunday and they reached some interesting milestones in doing so.

Mornhinweg: Beat The Colts By Running On Them, If You Can

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg spoke with the media yesterday and was asked whether running the ball is the way to beat the Colts given that their strength of defense is the pass rush. The Colts come into this game with the 5th worst run defense in the NFL.

Xfinity Survey

Philadelphia Eagles Penalty Report Week 9

Which Eagles are struggling the most with penalties?

How do Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, and Mevin Volb stack up statistically to the rest of the NFL?

How do Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, and Mevin Volb stack up statistically to the rest of the NFL?

McDermott: Starting Fokou An Attempt To Be More Physical

It was clear after watching the Eagles front seven get muscled around by the Redskins last week, that something had to be done. For Sean McDermott, one of those things involved a change at starter in the linebacking corps. Akeem Jordan was benched in favor of second year man Moise Fokou at SAM.

Eagles Red Zone Offense, How Much Of The Struggles Were Donovan McNabb's Fault?

Over the past couple season, the struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles in the red zone have been well documented. The team has moved up and down the field at will, only to bog down once they get inside the 20. The reasons for these struggles have been debated to death and the blame for the struggles has been spread all over the place.

Philadelphia Eagles Week Two Takeaways

Every week, we'll be doing a stats roundup that brings together all the interesting takeaways from the previous Sunday's Eagles game.

NFL Red Zone Freeview This Weekend

XFINITY Presents… An Exclusive Q&A With NFL RedZone Host Scott Hanson

The Linc - Win A Man Date With Stewart Bradley

Stewart Bradley is looking for a bromance… and he’s taken to facebook to find one. He’s holding a contest where he and one bro will go out on a "man date" for a steak dinner.

The Linc - Eagles Pursuit of Injured Players

Ricky Sapp Goes Under The Knife

The Eagles announced today that DE Ricky Sapp underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

Eagles Sign Three To Fill Out Practice Squad

Today, the Eagles announced three more signings to their practice squad which brings them to league max of right.

The Linc - Kevin Kolb's Summer

QB Kevin Kolb is the key player for the Eagles in 2010. What did we see from him this summer? What went on behind the numbers?

The Linc - Around The NFC East

Not much Eagles news has happened that we haven't reported, but there's been a flurry of activity around the NFC East.

NFL Roster Cuts: Predicting Which Eagles Won't Make The Cut

The Eagles have completed their preseason and now have until Saturday to trim their roster to 53. Here's who I think doesn't make the cut.

Jets At Eagles Preseason Preview

We've finally reached the end of the preseason. The starters are all done, all the major jobs are filled, now we just need to sit through our 10th straight preseason finale with the Jets and the real stuff begins.

Michael Vick Gets The Start For Eagles Against Jets

The Eagles will host the Jets tomorrow night in their yearly final meaningless preseason game and Michael Vick will be your starter. Andy Reid said this week that Vick and the backups would play their first half while rookie Mike Kafka and the third stringers play the second half.

With one rookie down, what are the odds of the other 2010 draftees cracking the 53-man roster?

With one rookie down, what are the odds of the other 2010 draftees cracking the 53-man roster?

Eagles Name DeSean Jackson And Ellis Hobbs As Starting Return Men

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has named DeSean Jackson and Ellis Hobbs as his starting return men.

No Need For Panic Over Eagles Preseason

If there's one thing I've found, it's that preseason football is rarely a reliable bellweather for how a team will perform in the regular season.

Jets Vs Redskins And New Meadowlands Review

The new Meadowlands is a fine and functional stadium, but lacks any defining characteristics.

The Linc - Eagles Pumping Up?

WHEN THE Cowboys physically dominated the Eagles up front in those back-to-back blowouts that killed what had been a promising 2009 season, the Birds didn't bring in a whole bunch of bigger, stronger offensive and defensive line starters.

Forbes Names Eagles 7th Most Valuable NFL Franchise

Forbes magazine has released their annual ranking of NFL franchises by value. The Eagles dropped to #7 having been leapfrogged by the Giants and Jets after those teams completed their new stadium.

Dissecting the Donovan McNabb GQ Interview

Donovan McNabb has always been something of an enigma. He rarely ever says the wrong thing, but also rarely ever gives you a real insight into what he thinks. He was also always quick to take responsibility for losses, but also offered caveats ("we showed our youth").

The Linc - Donovan McNabb's GQ Interview

NFL Red Zone Is Back

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