Which Eagles player would you most like to have as a bartender?

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With a couple weeks left before training camp, Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, and Travis Kelce hopped behind the bar to serve as guest bartenders at Ocean Drive to raise money for the organization’s Eagles Autism Foundation.

Jason Kelce hosted the inaugural bartending event in 2021, helping to raise $100k, and is the perfect guy for this kind of fundraiser. He’s 100 percent who I would pick to have a beer with or buy a beer from. I imagine he’d have great stories, be genuinely chill, and also extroverted enough to keep the party going. Kelce would be the bartender you’d be happy to see behind the bar any day of the week — like, a random Wednesday in late-June.

This year, the center brought along his brother, Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, and teammate Jordan Mailata, to play bartender, too. I imagine Travis as the kind of bartender you want on a Friday or Saturday night when you’re out dancing with friends, or when you’re trying to re-live your (much) younger partying days. And Mailata seems like a bartender who would make you laugh, smile the whole time, and be that weekday happy hour go-to — and the guy who is always in charge of refilling the ice.

As for an Eagles player I would most like to have as a bartender, I’d have to go with retired DE Chris Long. He seems like the kind of bartender who actually drinks the beer customers buy him, and at the end of the night, will buy everyone a round, or two. He’s someone you’d be happy to see when you were looking for a mellow time, and also someone you’d be happy to see when you want to cause a little chaos. Best of both worlds.

Which Eagles player would you most like to have as a bartender? (And besides Jason Kelce?)

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