Eagles News: Multiple metrics have Carson Wentz as a top 10 deep passing quarterback

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Ranking all 32 NFL quarterbacks by deep passing performance: Dak Prescott makes the top-five, Josh Allen slips to the bottom - PFF
10. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. 35.1% completion percentage, 10.7 yards per attempt, 79.4 Passer Rating. Heading into the 2019 season, we thought Carson Wentz might have the best receiving corps in the league to throw to. By the end of it, they were all hurt and he was tossing passes to a former college quarterback and AAF star in Greg Ward. DeSean Jackson being missing especially crippled Wentz’s ability to win deep down the field regularly, and though his passing itself was solid, the production the offense had on these attempts was lackluster at best.

2019-20 Deep Ball Project - Football Outsiders
Kyler Murray wasn’t the only rookie to find himself in the top 10, as Gardner Minshew came in at seventh in deep accuracy. His combination of mobility, deep passing, and an iconic moustache are enticing for a late Day 3 rookie, and Jacksonville appears to wisely be sticking with him to see what he can offer in 2020. This does not mean I’d rather have Minshew as a deep passer over Russell Wilson, who would’ve ranked higher than eighth had it not been for a streaky second-half stretch. Even still, he’s arguably the best deep passer in the league with an awe-inspiring play style, and at least his receivers didn’t screw him over to the extent Carson Wentz’s did. Eagles’ fans’ complaints of the receivers dropping everything coming their way were valid, as the corps forced 12 accurate incompletions, tied for the most in the 2019-20 Deep Ball Project. As you may have guessed, this helped benefit Wentz’s accuracy percentage, and he finished ninth for the second consecutive season.

Yet another update on the Eagles’ interest in Devonta Freeman and LeSean McCoy - BGN
There’s thought that the Eagles should just stick with the young talent they have on their roster but it’s clear they have interest in acquiring a vet. At this point, it looks like Freeman is the primary target and Shady is the backup plan.

Special: Being “Injury Prone” w/Dr. Edwin Porras - BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton has a special conversation with Dr. Edwin Porras of Fantasy Points to have an in-depth discussion about the meaning of “injury prone”, if Carson Wentz’s injury history is concerning & how DeSean Jackson can recover from his core muscle injury PLUS thoughts on Sidney Jones & Alshon Jeffery!

Philadelphia sports documentaries we want to see - PhillyVoice
TO-McNabb. Another crazy Eagles “what exactly happened” story, this doc would follow the careers of Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb as they eventually intertwined for two memorable seasons in Philadelphia, albeit for different reasons. Their stories will always be thought of, at least in Philly, together.

Gadget guy or legitimate NFL quarterback? A look at what Jalen Hurts can do for the Eagles. - Inquirer
Riley was pleased to see Hurts get drafted by the Eagles. He thinks it’s a good fit for him; a place where he will thrive. “As a quarterback, you want to go to a place that’s motivated to have you, and they obviously are,” he said. “To have a head coach who is as involved offensively as much as coach [Doug] Pederson is and to have them take you as early as they took Jalen is a great thing. “They saw some things they recognized. I can tell you this: They were very detailed in the discussions [about him] and the homework that they did on him. They’ve got a plan [for him]. I think it’s a great situation for him.

The most dominant single-season NFL team for every franchise since 1970 - The Athletic
19. Philadelphia Eagles (2017). The 2017 Eagles (33rd overall) and 2004 version (59th) outranked the 1980 Super Bowl team (61st) for dominance, at least according to our formula. All three were fairly comparable in most categories. The 1980 team led the way in regular-season PPG ratio (1.7), but the 2017 edition fared better in postseason PPG ratio, point differential against winning teams and, obviously, in postseason winning percentage. The 2017 Eagles went 7-3 against winning teams, compared with 3-2 for the 2004 team and 5-4 for the 1980 team.

Who are the Eagles’ 10 best players under 25 years old? - NBCSP
1. RB Miles Sanders. Had one of the finest rookie seasons in Eagles history, with 818 rushing yards, 50 catches and 1,327 scrimmage yards. Led all NFL rookie running backs in scrimmage yards. Turns 25: May 1, 2022. [...] 10. WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside I know, I know, but somebody has to be No. 10, and at least JJAW had seven 1st-down receptions last year. That’s 70 percent of his career catches! Turns 25: Dec. 31, 2021.

Coaches Masterclass: Press Taylor teaches quarterback progressions - PE.com
Passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach Press Taylor breaks down what goes into a quarterback’s progressions on this episode of Coaches Masterclass presented by Lincoln Financial Group.

Ranking the NFC East, 2020: Safeties - Hogs Haven
Overall, McLeod is a solid and dependable, though not especially athletic FS. Teams can occasionally exploit his aggression, but he clearly makes few enough mistakes that his coaches trust him. In a lot of ways, I think McLeod represents the best-case scenario of what Xavier Woods could become if he greatly improved his tackling and got quicker at reading and reacting to the play.

Report: Bucs interested in RB Devonta Freeman - Bucs Nation
Many thought the Bucs would seek help at the running back position during the offseason, so it was no surprise when they drafted Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Raymond Calais a little over a month ago. Apparently, they’re not done. Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Bucs have given former Falcons running back Devonta Freeman an offer to join the team. Now that’s a bit surprising when it comes to the Bucs and their running back situation.

With Patrick Mahomes in negotiations for new deal, the Dak Prescott deadline is even more important - Blogging The Boys
Still, Mahomes’ eventual deal will only increase the market for quarterback contracts. This is not to say that Prescott, or any other quarterback due for a new contract, will match Mahomes’ numbers, but it won’t lower the number either. This is especially true with Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson also likely to receive contract extensions sometime in the relatively near future. For the Cowboys, it would be very smart to find a way to get a deal done this offseason with their franchise quarterback before the middle of July rather than taking their chances with how things will go next year.

Dallas’s CeeDee Lamb Pick Was More Than Just Another Flashy Move - The Ringer
With Prescott making $31.4 million on the franchise tag and Cooper now playing on a second contract, Dallas is devoting nearly 20 percent of its 2020 salary cap to two players. That type of commitment to an already potent offense would seem to necessitate using a valuable, cost-controlled resource like a first-round pick to improve a defense with multiple holes. But there’s plenty of evidence that maintaining a great offense is more important for long-term success than building a balanced roster. One of the basic principles that’s come from Football Outsiders’ research through the years is that offensive success is more consistent and more predictable from year to year than defense. A team committed to building a top-10 offense is more likely to be an annual contender than a team committed to building a top-10 defense. Even franchises with elite quarterbacks have benefited from adding quality offensive pieces whenever possible. Take a look at how the Chiefs have built around Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City is set to spend 51.8 percent of its 2020 salary cap on offense. That’s the 13th-highest rate in the league—but it’s the third-highest mark among teams with starting quarterbacks still on their rookie deals. The two teams ahead of the Chiefs with rookie-contract QBs—the Giants and Texans—are also carrying bloated salaries for guys like Nate Solder and David Johnson, which artificially inflate those numbers. The Chiefs are one of only two teams with five non-QBs each slated to take up at least 4.9 percent of their 2020 cap. You could argue that even with the league’s best QB on the roster, no franchise in the NFL has devoted more cap resources to its supporting cast than Kansas City.

The NBA’s possible July return at Disney World, explained - SB Nation
The league is looking into making a July return with an announcement potentially coming in June. A lot has to happen before the players can step on the court. Most notably, the NBA’s international players have to return to the United States. The U.S. government currently has a ban on people traveling into the country, but the Department of Homeland Security issued exemptions for athletes like Slovenia’s Luka Doncic to make their return.


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Comparing Minshew’s mustache to Wentz’s deep ball performance really isn’t fair. The mustache will win every time.

Wentz throws a good deep ball

My main concern with him is his seam passes he tends to sail them in the middle of the field. He’s thrown some great seam passes, one against the Chargers to Ertz in 2017, and one against the Redskins to Ertz again the year before that. I’m certain that now he has the weapons to go deep we’ll see him rip em and connect deep.

Oh don't you worry, Wentz is goin ballss deep this season.

The Press Taylor video link to the Eagles website sounds interesting. Last week I watched the Stoutland video and learned a lot about O line play.

This week I’ll check out Press Taylor. Some time later today.

"Multiple metrics have Carson Wentz as a top 10 deep passing quarterback"

I read that headline in a whiny baby voice and added "see" at the end.

I’m a huge Wentz fanboy. Love the kid and hope he stays healthy, because he can ball. But the constant justification that he’s a top 5 or 10 QB is getting annoying. He’s obviously a very smart, athletic, talented QB that’s a good guy that’s had bad luck with injuries and mostly a crappy supporting cast. His body of work is really inconclusive no matter how many metrics you use.

I try to remember that football writers are on twitter.

They take their twitter presence very seriously. The problem with being active on twitter is that twitter is second only to youtube in obnoxious angry misinformed assholes per capita. Even communities like 4chan where obnoxiousness is encouraged, have less vocal idiots than youtube and twitter. Here on BGN it feels like an over correction to constantly be downplaying Wentz’s faults and crowing any study/metric that indicates he is a good quarterback. To the writers who have to withstand the proverbial slings and arrows from morons on twitter it might feel like an important thing to always be on the pro-Wentz offensive.

Now, as much as I try to understand where other people are coming from, I might scream if I hear "Wentz played well enough to win" too many times this next season.

What about

Wentz played well and they won?

More than acceptable.

I don’t care about stats or numbers...

When it counted most Wentz was winning games where we had zero room for error, and he led the team to Ws. Thats the only stat I care about, and he did it with second rate WRs at best, and half the team in the ER. If you look at pure numbers a guy like Bradshaw never threw for a 60 % completion percentage, career was a bit over 50%, never threw 30 TDS in a season, the most was like 27/28, many years his td to Interception ratio was close to even, but the guy won big games. Different era obviously, but the deal is all about the bottom line and winning games.

Hurts will be in for all plays inside the 5

Ertz and Goeddert split out, Boobie and Scott as the A-backs, Holyfield lines up at fb. The OLine is cutting everybody between the tackles, split ends cracking down.
The Eagles are going Flexbone option offense

But wentz’s clear strength is red zone efficiency. Maybe Jalen comes in to the field but Carson isn’t coming off in those situations.

Getting a little bit literal after all of the time at home?

No question about Carson's Red Zone game.

Hurts comes in when the Eagles are up 17 points with 7 minutes left in the 4th.

You’re not stupid

But you thought the flexbone was a viable option for an NFL team?


And we’ll see just how meh he is.

Red Zone is a Wentz and Eagle strength

I mainly credit that to the OL, and then Wentz, the guy just makes good decisions.

Is this news?

Eagles fans already know that Wentz is a skilled deep passer. Even with the lack of deep targets. Think about those two game winning drops. Not only does our record increase by 2 but that smallest metric would have had an impact on Wentz’s deep throw stats and efficiency. This year will reopen a lot of people’s eyes because thousand to forget the elite skillset he showed us during the SB season

And those metrics are only going to get better

with all they speed they added for him, this is gonna be good you guys

If those fast guys can catch

Well we know one of them certainly can. We just need him to stay healthy…

ah yes

Its my fault, I was trying to banish the ghosts of Agalhor past, I am trying this new optimism thing, still trying to get the hang of it

Fast guys that can catch?

I think we’re pretty safe with DJax and JR.

Goodwin is a vet too. I think his high water mark for catches per season was 56 in 2017 IIRC.

Hightower looked fantastic on video last year too.

Interesting thing on Wentz on how committed the Eagles are to him on ESPN...

—I didn’t realize they could walk away from Wentz in 2 years if he under performs. The Hurts pick makes a little more sense I guess.

8. Philadelphia Eagles
Starter: Carson Wentz | Signed through: 2024
Tier: Locked-in vet | Ranking in tier: No. 5
Contract: Four-year, $128 million extension signed in June 2019, including $66.5 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Wentz’s contract structure is built on staggered roster bonuses that were designed to help the Eagles navigate 2019 and 2020 salary-cap issues. He’s basically getting $30 million this year and $25.4 million fully guaranteed in 2021.

None of his salary is guaranteed beyond 2021, though $15 million of his 2022 salary becomes fully guaranteed if he’s still on the team in March 2021. (It’s also worth noting, given Wentz’s history, that his 2022 salary is currently guaranteed for injury.) The remaining proration of the bonuses means the Eagles would incur a dead-money charge of about $24.5 million if they decided to move on from Wentz in the 2022 offseason. That’s a lot, but not impossible, especially if his injury issues persist and if 2020 second-round pick Jalen Hurts develops.

Wentz probably stays in Philly for more than the next two years, but the Eagles aren’t contractually married to him for any longer than that.

This ranking has been revised

Apparently a reader recognized an error in ESPN’s original calculations. As a result, Carson was moved up four spots to #4 overall.

cool. Still….he may only have 2 years left here…he is going to have to be pretty great these upcoming years.

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