Source: Eagles made trade offer for Patrick Peterson

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After missing out on the Jalen Ramsey sweepstakes, the Philadelphia Eagles turned their attention to Patrick Peterson. The Eagles offered Nelson Agholor and a first-round draft pick in exchange for Arizona’s star cornerback, a source familiar with the Cardinals tells Bleeding Green Nation.

The Eagles obviously have issues in their secondary; their porous defense has allowed the most 30-yard passing touchdowns and the most 100-yard receivers this season. The Eagles reportedly offered a first-round pick and a second-round pick to the Jaguars for Ramsey but ultimately lost out when the Rams bested their offer.

The Cardinals are in the process of a rebuild with rookie coach Kliff Kingsbury and No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray at quarterback. Thus, it would be no surprise if they’re shopping the 29-year-old Peterson, despite public insistence that they’re keeping him. Peterson missed the first six games of the 2019 season while serving a PED suspension but there’s ample reason to believe he’s still at the top of his game.

This trade offer shows the Eagles are still very much aggressively pursuing an upgrade to their secondary. It also shows a lack of attachment to Nelson Agholor, who has been disappointing in a contract year.

Arizona clearly thought the Eagles’ initial offer wasn’t good enough, given Peterson is still on their roster. Don’t be surprised, however, if Howie Roseman continues to work the phones to acquire a premier defender in order to upgrade a struggling defensive unit.


I'd much rather give up Agholor and a pick for Peterson

Than 2/3 picks and no Agholor (or no other player) for Ramsay.

The Cards are a waste and should go back to St.Louis where they belong

The GM is stupid and that’s why they suck. He should have taken that first round pick.

if it wasnt

for Agholor he might have

They can have Agholor for free.

Thats the Problem

For them it would be subtraction while addition.

Should've held onto Zach Brown

They seem to like our LBs

We dont need to swing for the fences. I think a first is too much for PP. He hasnt even played this year. Keep our high picks please. We need young cheap talent. And to all those who say we cant draft anyone good…the sure fire way to make that reality is to not have high picks.

it was a 2030 1st rounder

Nobody says they can’t draft well in the first round. They did pretty well there this year, and Goeddert was essentially their previous first round pick. It’s later in the draft, like, for instance, the two second round picks, fourth round pick and fifth round pick this year were completely wastes of time. Although I still hold out hope that Miles Sanders will be the slot receiver that Agholor could have become. Because he’s certainly not the running back the Eagles thought he was.

Plenty of people have said it, c’mon.

He hasnt even played this year

Non injury related pretty much just meaning fresh legs.

is it me or has Patrick Peterson been 29 years old for the last 5 years?


No thanks

I’m all for getting Peterson, but no way in hell should we give up a first rounder AND a player. As much as I don’t like nelly, that’s a ridiculous offer. Peterson is 29 and a rental at this point. That’s crazy

Dude its Agholor… Price seems about right imo lol


If it’s a player for player with no picks. Both on final years of contracts. I would do that 8 days of the week.

Giving up a first in addition to Agholor is nuts. Peterson is 29 and coming off a 6 game PED suspension. It’s several weeks until he starts to get back into the groove a playing football.

Agholor is nowhere near enough colateral for Peterson though

Peterson is arguably the best CB in the league. There are 3 players in his tier, him, Ramsey and Sherman. Agholor is like, probably not even top 60 WR..

Wish we would've snagged Stephon Gilmore instead of Darby when they were on the trading block years ago.

He v would have been getting cooked and injured

Darby would have continued looking elite in New England. Coaching staff man

Could be, definitely agree Schwartz isn't doing our secondary any favors but still....

if that’s the case we’re just doomed with ANY corner. I mean Eric Rowe didn’t become an ALL-Pro at least….lol.


Correct analysis my friend

PP has an unguaranteed year in 2020

First game this season got a sack FF

Definitely agree..

… maybe Agholor and a 3rd or 4th at most… dudes getting old and shelf-life of CB isn’t too long for most CBs

You bastard Ben Natan!

I didn’t notice the "offer" part in the headline at first, I thought we had picked him up!

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