Report: Brandon Graham has ankle surgery, Week 1 availability unclear

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To win the Super Bowl, you’ve gotta play a few extra games—and the last ones are typically at an unmatched intensity. That war on attrition can lead to lingering injuries, and the Eagles are feeling the Lombardi hangover on the medical chart.

After the big bomb of Timmy Jernigan’s restructured contract and offseason herniated disc came the report on Derek Barnett’s sports hernia. And today, Tim McManus of ESPN reports that Brandon Graham could also miss time in the summer due to a lingering 2017 injury:


Early in the fourth quarter of an unnecessarily close game against the Oakland Raiders (but with 1st seed in the NFC on the line), Graham seemed to hurt his ankle on this tackle against Marshawn Lynch. He doesn’t seem to get rolled up on, as is typically the agent of high ankle sprains among linemen, but Jalen Mills’ diving tackle attempt may have twisted his foot at a bad angle.

Graham would not return to the game, nor would he see any reps in the Week 17 meaningless game against the Dallas Cowboys (most starters did see a series or two).

Arguably the Eagles’ most influential defender on a snap-by-snap basis, losing Graham for any regular-season games could prove a blow. BGN Radio’s John Barchard reports that he’s heard Graham’s recovery period could indeed extend into Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons:

A bit of good news: the Eagles have a predictably tough schedule for an NFC team and Super Bowl winner—but as the schedule fell chronologically, they have the seventh-easiest schedule in the month of September, which will help if they’re still returning star players from the medical tent.

Regular-season games without Graham could also prove enlightening for the future. Due to hit free agency after this season, Graham has been very vocal about his desire for a heavy contract, which on the EDGE market, could run somewhere around $15M/year. In Philadelphia’s current cap situation, they would likely be outbid by far less talented teams—if Graham does indeed hit free agency, he may elect to take a big payday now that he has his ring.

As such, an unavailable Graham early in the season spells more pass-rushing attempts for second-year pro Derek Barnett and rookie 4th-rounder Josh Sweat. It also opens training camp reps for bubble players like Steven Means (free agent after 2018) and UDFA Joe Ostman (from Central Michigan). The Eagles undoubtedly have the short-term DE depth to bear the lost Graham snaps for 2018, and could get a glimpse at the long-term depth to potentially fill his shoes beyond next season.


Who isn’t having surgery these days?

it'd be nice to have Graham ready for week 1

but if not then i’ll be happy with Barnett and Bennett outside

Bennett tried to kill an old lady and will be in prison by September.


It's not his fault her hover round

got stuck

Lol, no sarcasm font needed

Lol, is it wrong that I literally laughed out loud while reading that?

He’s rich. If he’s guilty and there is irrefutable evidence, it’ll still take > a year to convict him. There’s plenty of room to worry about him as a human being if he is, indeed, guilty, but I’m not worried about his availability as an Eagle as he’s only under contract for one year.

He's under contract for 3 years.

We can just cut ties after 2018 with no penalty.

didn't notice the reply until today

I stand corrected. He has no guaranteed money after this year, which in NFL parlance is effectively a one year contract with a team option to extend. Got it in my head somewhere that it was an actual one year contract, but you are absolutely correct that he is inked through 2020. Thanks for keeping me from making that mistake again.

I'm disappointed in this, but I'm more disappointed that the article didn't mention that Graham was the one who strip-sacked Brady and tattoed his balls on his face for eternity

Graham dropped the ultimate


Get it done

Get it healed.
Amazing what these chamions have accomplished.


My question is why has he waited until now

The article doesn’t answer the obvious question of why he has waited 3 months into the offseason to have surgery on something that goes back to December

Is this contract related?

This was answered (sort of) in the espn article

After giving the ankle time to heal on its own, Graham opted for the minor procedure to help speed up the process.

When you

have a choice between surgery and not having surgery you exhaust every avenue to avoid the knife when you have the time to put into healing.

Sometimes that works out and you can heal up properly without it, sometimes it just doesn’t respond so it’s best to help the injury a bit.

Just an example, I’ve torn a labrum in each shoulder, both very similar injuries. One I was able to rehab, rest and strengthen the shoulder and once healthy I never had another issue, the other I ended up having to have a surgery because it just wouldn’t respond.

Depends on what the injury is and what surgery can do to fix it

I broke an ankle, doc was explaining options and avoiding mentioning surgery until I asked him what it was he seemed to be trying to avoid telling me. Then he says ‘well, if we just jam a screw in there, 6 weeks in a cast and you’re guaranteed it’s fixed right and will never bother you again, it’ll be at least as good as new maybe better’. Non surgery option was a cast, rehab, maybe the bones fused back in the right place, maybe not, 3-4 months and then evaluate to see if surgery was then needed. I just said screw it back together and be done with it. Worked exactly as the dr. said it would. Anyway, if surgery is nearly certain to fix the issue, I’d just go right in for that and not waste the time on fixes that might not work out.

Yeah obviously it depends on the injury.

I’ve had to many surgeries in my short 26 years so at this point I’ll avoid it at all costs.

I guess the good news

is this most likely prevents a possible holdout and all of the unnecessary heartburn that accompanies it.

It certainly adds a dimension of BG needing to rehab and get back in there and show his old self.

Anyone else getting concerned with this shit after Jmatts comments?


the Eagles are 3 months removed from having won the Super Bowl

This x1000. We all begged for a SB at whatever cost. The guys who won it are grandfathered in and within reason can do no wrong. Its not like BG was busy snorting blow and nailing under age hookers Lawrence Taylor style.

What did he say?

I remember a while ago he implied the team Docs don’t necessarily do the right thing all the time, but I didn’t think it was anything that damning.

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