Update on Nigel Bradham’s gun arrest situation

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Last year during Philadelphia’s bye week, Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to the airport. Bradham was originally charged with a second degree misdemeanor, but now TMZ Sports is reporting the charges have been dropped.

We spoke with Bradham's attorney, Adam Swickle, who tells us, "The state had no case against him and they found that it wasn’t something he should be criminally sanctioned for."

Swickle pointed out Bradham had a valid concealed weapons permit and didn't intend to break the law. Simple accident.

The gun arrest certainly wasn’t a good look for Bradham, especially since he was already arrested for alleged assault a month earlier in July 2016. These incidents prompted Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to essentially call Bradham a “dumbass.”

Legally speaking, however, Bradham is now relatively in the clear. In addition to the gun charges being dropped, the linebacker accepted a deferred prosecution program in relation to his alleged assault case. This means the case will be kept out of court and he won’t face any jail time if he meets the requirements of the program.

Bradham is still subject to punishment via the NFL’s personal conduct policy, but there’s been no indication he’s going to face discipline from the league.

Bradham is coming off arguably the best game of his career in which he had 10 tackles in Philadelphia’s win over the Panthers. The team needs him to stay out of trouble moving forward so his on-field status isn’t jeopardized.


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"I didn’t mean to break the law."
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It does seem as if the culture of the Eagles is on an upward trajectory in every facet, including off-the-field behavior. Last year there was Agholor’s strip club incident; Bradham’s cabana boy fracas and gun-in-the-airport incident; and Huff’s speeding while having a loaded weapon and marijuana ‘on board.’ This year the off-the-field activities have all been laudable, at least the ones that have been publicized. Even though the team lost several high-character individuals in Barwin, Matthews, and Dorenbos, it seems as if there are a number of locker-room players who are leading by example in varying ways, all of which are positive. Bravo!

It really has been a quiet year off the field, hasn't it?

Unless I’m forgetting something, it is a weird change to not hear anything (not that I’m complaining). I’m still used to hearing things like T.O. vs McNabb, the controversial signing of Michael Vick, Lesean McCoy’s quarterly incidents, and Chip Kelly destroying the team.

I hope at least his concealed carry permit was revoked. There should be strick liability on things like this. Not saying he should go to jail, but there should be some repercussions.

Wow, looks like Bradham really dodged a bullet.

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