Focus Hurts


"I know that there are tons of different things that are said, but I don’t hear them. I don’t listen. I don’t look for it. I just come here. I come to work. I do my job. I strive to grow in doing my job every day." -Jalen Hurts

NFL Computer Picks

Everson Griffen thanks Eagles fans whilst breaking off talks with Vikings ;-)


"When I came to Minnesota as a fourth-round pick out of USC, I had no idea how much my life would change over the next 10 years," Griffen wrote on Instagram. "I realized my dream of playing in the NFL, went to four Pro Bowls and came within one game of playing in the Super Bowl in front of the best fans in the country.

Receivers Needed


Why don’t the Eagles cut Agular, Matthews, Hollins and promote all receivers from practice squad or take 3 receivers from another teams practice squad. You cannot win without good receivers in the NFL. Wentz throws every pass to Ertz. Not gonna work in NFL. Please get some receivers. You are wasting good defense. Salvage your season. Your pride is killing the team. Ps. FIRE. Receivers coach FIRE offensive Coordinator. These guys are not NFL ready!!!

Eagles Logic

Darby's historic first week


Cornerback Ronald Darby was targeted 11 times during his team’s season opener against the Falcons, and he forced four incompletions. His forced incompletion percentage of 36.4 percent is the best mark we’ve ever seen by a cornerback with at least 10 targets in the first week of the season.

Name of BGN's Daily Post


So once/when the Linc gets bought by another company, what does the BGN staff have on deck for the title of the daily article dump?


Saints/Vikings could steal the #1 seed; Eagles need a perfect Conf. Record


From a commenter at Daily Norsemen: I played with ESPN's playoff machine for a bit and every 14-2 tie between the Eagles and Vikings has the Vikings in the number 1 seed EXCEPT if the Eagles’ only other loss is to the Raiders. I had to pick other games to get those scenarios though, so it might be more complicated than that. I kinda of doubt the Eagles will win out, though. Teddy's going to show the world what's what. Posted by peterplaysbass on Nov 20, 2017 | 8:49 AM -- It wasn't more complicated than that. If the Eagles lose to any of the 5 remaining NFC opponents, and NO/MN win out, they'll own the tiebreakers based on conference record and strength of schedule and the Eagles would fall to #3 seed. If only 1 of the two win out, Eagles would still fall to #2. So Eagles may potentially need every NFC game, including week 17 vs. Dallas to clinch #1 seed.

Lane Johnson says the Eagles' offensive line is a top five unit


"Cris Collinsworth is going to tell us the Cowboys’ is the best, but I think we’re pretty good when we’re all healthy and together. [Allen Barbre] got out tonight, but I think when we’re all together, collective as a unit, we’re top five for sure."

Lane Johnson, after the Eagles beat the Giants

Jim Schwartz submits his entry for quote of the year


"You do dumb ass things, pretty soon you're going to be labeled a dumb ass." - Jim Schwartz on Nigel Bradham

Jalen Strong


Do you think we can work a trade for him he seems to be buried on the depth chart by the Texans?


Sam "Lightning Rod" Bradford


Sam Bradford has a critical role for the 2016 Eagles. Specially, he gets to play the role of the team lightning rod attracting all negativity from the local media and fan base away from Carson Wentz, letting the kid slowly ease into the system and city at his own pace. This was a luxury Donovan McNabb never enjoyed and somehow despite all his success was never truly accepted by Philadelphia