What the heck is Riley Cooper doing?


This is just really bad. First Eagles offensive play during the Cowboys game. Cooper catches a pass and inexplicably runs into his blockers for no gain. Image via ChipWagon.

If this were all it took to trade for Mariota, would you do it?


From a Tampa Bay beatwriter. Interesting...

Mad about the Dallas Lose? This is awesome


Per a lost bet by the seller. A new Dallas Cowboys hate rug has hit the open marker. This is priceless & needs to go viral.

Jeremy Maclin gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct after being shoved


Both players were called for unsportsmanlike conduct on this play. Um?

Jenkins, Bryant exchange heated words in Eagles-Cowboys warmups


Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had some words for each other prior to the game. -- Photo via @JClarkCSN. -- UPDATE: Here's video of the exchange.