Skip Bayless: Redskins are much more talented then the Eagles


I think he wouldn't be saying this if we still had McNabb. He's always been a Reid hater too.

Steve Van Buren #58 Player of All Time


Remember how there were no Eagles on the list last week, save for Norm Van Brocklin? Well, with #51-60 released, another old-time Eagle makes the list. It's a somewhat surprising one, perhaps, but not unwarranted as Van Buren was a HOF running back who led the Eagles to two championships in the 1940's. He was not in the fans' top 100. The three players who rank behind him are Mike Ditka, Jack Ham, and LaDanian Tomlinson.

Bill Simmons with a great write-up on Vick


He brings a very refreshing perspective. It's well worth the read for Eagles fans...or anyone else for that matter.

So, looks like Max Jean-Gilles has a chance to start at right guard in place of Nick Cole (knee)....


So, looks like Max Jean-Gilles has a chance to start at right guard in place of Nick Cole (knee). Not a good sign for Reggie Wells. Confirmation:: Max Jean-Gilles has taken reps at first-team RG as Nick Cole is missing practice time with a knee injury. Cole is questionable for Sunday

Per Jordan Raanan

Angelo Cataldi: Go fornicate yourself in the posterior.


Not sure who's worse... Cataldi, or the 30 mindless dopes that'll be doing his mindless bidding...

Bill Simmons: Rooting For Michael Vick


BTW, in the side mini-column I love how Simmons uses Survivor to create an argument that Jimmy Johnson was an overrated coach.

Finall a Voice of Reason About Eagles Fans....From ESPN?!?!


Finally the best description of how the average Eagles fan feels about Mcnabb and his tenure in Philly

Redskins Will Keep Spy on Vick


Matt Mosley reports that 'Skins players have said this week that a defensive back will spy Michael Vick at all times. It'll be interesting to see who the spy usually is. Just means one less guy covering the likes of DeSean and Jeremy.

I'm tired of all the McNabb booing "controversy"...


But this is just ridiculous. Then again, no one has ever really pegged Charles Barkley for being a genius (with all due respect to his years spent as a 76er).

Ed Rendell -- Voice of Reason?!?!


From his guest blog post on The Washington Post's Box Seats: Despite the incredible level of play by Michael Vick-- and no quarterback in the NFL is playing better-- we miss Donovan. (click the link) Zoikes!