crying chargers fan


crying chargers fan

Eagles trade for Jerome Harrison


Didn't see this one coming. We gave up Mike Bell.

Jason Peters has a meniscus tear


Well this isn't good news. He may only miss the Atlanta game Reid said. Dunlap is going to get the start. Hopefully he will be able to play better as a starter then as a reserve.

NFL TV Map - Week 6


Looks like Philly will be on for most of the densely populated areas of the country. Sadly, not for me up in North Jersey, where I'll be treated to the Lions-Giants game. Great matchup at 4:00 on Fox, when I'll be relaxing with a beer and simply enjoying watching either the Cowboys or Brett Favre go to 1-4.

So, whose our starting QB against Atlanta?


So, whose our starting QB against Atlanta?

What's the deal? Is it not clear and cut that Vick is back for Sunday's game? Do we really want to risk Kolb having a bad game at home, where we're 0-2, in an important conference game against a good defense? First text fan shot, so I used quote. I took a shot, what can I say?

Bunkley's injury not as serious as expected


He could be back by Sunday. Sudden change on the injury front.

Looks like the Eagles won't be getting Antwan Barnes back


Adam Schefter reports that he was just picked up by the Chargers.

Changed my # b/c 49 is not a linebacker #. Linebackers wear 50-59 & some wear 90-99. So when a #...


Changed my # b/c 49 is not a linebacker #. Linebackers wear 50-59 & some wear 90-99. So when a # finally came open that i liked,I changed it

Jamar Chaney changes his jersey number from 49 to 51. He's right, that is more of a LB number.

Confessions of an agent


MUST READ! Great article on the relationship and the actions between Agents and recruiting players. Just published on Sports Illustrated. Check it out for sure. Shines a new light on players and shows just how dirty the business can be.