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HOT TAKE: Carson Wentz is the quarterback version of Chip Kelly

::explosion emoji::

5 hot takes for the Eagles’ 2020 NFL Draft

How will Roseman approach trades during the virtual draft? Is Kenneth Murray really an option at 21?

The Eagles have a clear advantage over Seattle at quarterback

The evidence is indisputable.

Two Eagles players caught committing heinous activity on sideline during Washington game


Finally, someone has identified the REAL problem with the 2018 Eagles

Finally, someone was brave enough to say it.

EXCLUSIVE: Vikings fans share horrific experiences dealing with Eagles fans in Philadelphia


Colin Cowherd is the dumbest sports personality in America


The Eagles Are Better Than Every Team in the NFL

Let's take a scientific look at how the Eagles stack up against the rest of the league.

Why Are the Eagles Hiring So Many Cheaters?

Another hiring, another cheater. Chip Kelly has got some shady figures working for him. (But not Shady McCoy.)

LeSean McCoy Trade Means Time To Sue The Eagles


How Marcus Mariota Can Become an Eaglea

Teams tank for players. Why can't players tank for teams?

Does anyone want to be the Eagles GM?

What's going on with the Eagles GM search?

Sanchez should start, Matthews is a bust

It's Overreaction Saturday!

I Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

Confessions from an NFL player.

The 2014 Mock Draft Mock Draft

Who watches the watchers? Nobody. Who mocks the mock drafters? We do.

Why Chip Kelly REALLY cut DeSean

Today, Chip finally spoke, but he picked his words very carefully. Twitter wags read between the lines.

Chip Kelly's Ego is out of Control


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