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Three positions that Crippled Reid's Eagles

Let's take a brief break from all the coaching rumors to talk a little bit of football!

Where the Eagles stand for 2013

Examining Eagles Defensive Line Regression

John Breitenbach examines the regression of key contributors on the defensive line

Rookie Breakdown part 2, defense

John Breitenbach breaks down the performance of the Eagles rookies on defense in 2012. Check out his offensive breakdown here.

Which Eagles should stick around in 2013?

John Breitenbach takes a look at which Eagles might stay and which might go when a new regime arrives next season.

5 Eagles who failed to step up in 2012

John Breitenbach takes a look at the top 5 Eagles who have failed to step up in 2012

Brandon Graham's beastly 2012

After 2 injury filled seasons to start his career, the Eagles former 1st round pick is finally looking like the player he was projected to be.