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This Eagles team is it

What the Eagles SHOULD and WILL do in the 2021 NFL Draft

The BGN staff weighs in.

Revenge is a dish best served Foled

The only Super Bowl preview you’ll need.

Chip Kelly Was Not Who We Thought He Was

He was just simply not the guy we thought we were getting, who we were told we were getting, who we hoped we were getting, who we so desperately wanted to believe would lead us to the top of the NFL mountain.

My Fleeting Cognitive Dissonance With Chip Kelly

I spent five months doubting Chip Kelly and his plan for the Eagles. I went from staunchly believing in him to questioning whether I'd got it all wrong. Well, all it took was six weeks for me to shame myself for the latter and revert to the former.

Report: Eagles Going After Jason Worilds

Gentlemen, start your engines.

LeSean McCoy Trade: A Year In The Making

LeSean McCoy's fate was sealed a year ago and finalized yesterday as Chip Kelly's offseason plan moved into high gear

Blake Sims would love to play for the Eagles

Might Blake Sims be a target for the Eagles in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Why Alabama QB Blake Sims Fits The Eagles Offense

A comprehensive breakdown of Alabama quarterback and Senior Bowl participant Blake Sims, and why I think his skill set translates very well as a possible fit in Chip Kelly's offense.

The 2014 BGN Awards: Matthews is the unanimous ROY

Well this season was interesting, but now is the time to single out the good and bad of the year.