Mock Offseason

The Eagles have a ton of question marks going into the offseason. There's extensions, possible retirements, and other cap altering decisions that need to be made. Thankfully this is only a mock up and I'm not actually responsible for making these decisions because I do not envy Howie at all when it comes to this time of the year. My objective is to make this as realistic as possible, but this is not every move that I would make, personally. Without further ado, lets get into it.

Current Cap Space(According to Spotrac): $11,985,249


  • Haason Reddick gets two years tacked on to his current deal, lowers his '24 cap hit to around $11 million. Pass rushers generally age well '24 will be Reddick's age 30 season.
  • The Eagles pick up DeVonta Smith's 5th year option and then agree to a 4 year contract that will really kick in when AJ Brown can(and probably will) come off the books with little negative cap ramifications. This extension will allow the Eagles to actually lower his '24 cap hit as well. We'll say it gets lowered to about $4 million.
  • Landon Dickerson agrees to a 3 year extension worth about $60 million. Howie pushes some of that extension money into the last year of his rookie deal. This raises his '24 cap number but helps later down the road. New cap number: $8 million.
  • Jake Elliot might be the best kicker in the league. His deal expires in '25. Get an extension done now and lower that '24 cap number by a couple million dollars.

Cap space after extensions: Around $21.5 million

The Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox conundrum:

  • In this example mock offseason, I'm going to assume that both men are coming back. The reason being is that Sirianni is still the HC and he's in a make or break year. If this was a new HC, I'd put the chances at very miniscule, but I think they could look at this as a "one last ride" of sorts. By this happening they both agree to new deals. Due to the fact they were both given contracts with "dummy" years, they're both already on the books for the '24 season. We'll say the new deals give them each a couple million extra.

Cap space after the restructuring of Kelce/Cox: Around $17 million


  • Brandon Graham gets a new one year deal with a dummy year tacked on for '25. He has a dummy year for '24 on the books so this will actually lower his cap hit down to $5 million.
  • Zach Cunningham comes back on a $3 million deal. He's not a world beater and wouldn't be given a starting job, but he's solid and has years of experience with the Eagles new ILB coach, plus he gives them a decent floor.
  • Jack Driscoll signs a one year deal worth $3 million. No real reasoning behind this other than it was between Opeta and him. Driscoll just provides more versatility.
  • Jack Stoll. He's an RFA. He'll be back.
  • Braden Mann was a solid punter, he comes back at $1.5 million.
  • Shaun Bradley tore his achilles in the preseason in '23. It doesn't hurt to bring back a guy lauded for his special teams.

Cap space after the re-signings: Around $10 million


  • Cutting Kevin Byard saves the Eagles $13,537,326 million.

Salary cap space after cutting Byard: Around $24 million

Going into free agency, the Eagles still have some obvious holes that need to be filled. In no particular order they need one(maybe two) starting linebacker(s), a starting running back, they need youth in the defensive backfield, reliable edge and iDL depth, lastly a third receiver and back up tight end that they can reasonably expect to make plays.

I won't be guessing the free agent salaries, as they won't be flashy and will all be relatively cheap, with the exception of one player.

Free agency:

  • Andrew Van Ginkel(EDGE) - The Fangio connection is there, and he has had success in the system. I don't think he'll be cheap but he shouldn't cost much at all.
  • Azeez Al-Shaair(ILB) - I don't know much about this guy. He's not a splashy player but he can find the ball. From what I've read, that is my conclusion.
  • Geno Stone(Safety) - NFL's interception leader for this past season. This would be a big money deal, probably. Stone has been a back up but started this past season due to a Marcus Williams injury. The little film I have watched shows a guy not fooled by playaction or really any other eye candy. He seems to be a very disciplined player.
  • Jeremy Chinn(LB/S) - Only including him because Zach Berman recently said he thinks Chinn will be an Eagle this offseason.

There would be other signings, obviously, but these would be the big three(excluding Chinn) of reasonable and "difference making" signings.


Final overview:

Plugging every hole with above average talent is nearly impossible over the course of one offseason. That being said, this offseason that I presented would set the Eagles up great for the '24 season and beyond. I'm no expert when it comes to any of this stuff. Shoot, I'm not 100% sure the salary cap math is mathin', but I had time to kill and I gave it a go. I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you didn't, I'm sorry.

Have a good one, folks.

Edit: I know fans(myself included) want Bradberry gone but I just think Fangio and his teaching of the scheme can bring out the best in him. Avonte Maddox could also be headed for the door but I didn't want to make that move as there was plenty of cap space available.