About the birds in brasil(from a Brazilian)

Let me start off by saying I’m super pumped my birds are coming to my soccer teams stadium! I’ve been an eagles fan for over 20 years and a Corinthians fan since I was born. But let’s take a look at why SP makes and doesn’t make sense to host the eagles.

Why it makes sense?

1. Corinthians is the biggest team in South America if not the world( by fan count) so it only makes sense that the best team in the NFL comes to our stadium.

2. Corinthians history matches Philadelphia perfectly. Blue collar hard working people , it’s called the people team for a reason. Team by the the people for the people.

3. There isn’t any sports team fan base that comes close to soccer fans in South America or Europe, but the one that comes closest are Philadelphia sports fan base. And like I said Corinthians has the best and craziest fans in the world. People sold their house to go watch the team when they played in Japan for the world championship.

Why it doesn’t make sense?

1. SP has many beautiful places but they are very specific and far from the stadium. Usually high mid class and rich people just stay there. Because the rest of the city isn’t really a thing of beauty lol. So there are other cities that I’m sure people would rather visit then SP

2. Corinthians biggest rival is Palmeiras. And they are green. So green isn’t allowed anywhere near the stadium. Fans almost got the organization to change the grass to black but it was the against the rules. So will the eagles go with the all blacks?

Overall this will be great! Eagles have a pretty solid fan base in Brasil and this will just make it bigger!! And like I said Corinthians fans are so similar to eagles fans!! And those who are worried about safety. Don’t be. It’s not as dangerous like the media says and fortunately or unfortunately big criminal organizations have a deal with the government about safety when there is international events lol. Look at the World Cup and the Olympic Games