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Official: Eagles hire Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator

We finally have confirmation from the team.

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

Reports of the Philadelphia Eagles hiring Kellen Moore as their new offensive coordinator first emerged over the final weekend of January but now we finally have official team confirmation.

Nick Sirianni issued the following statement:

“As an accomplished offensive coordinator, a former NFL player, and a Heisman finalist, Kellen has shown a tremendous ability to lead an offense at every level of the sport while gaining the trust and respect of his players and teammates. He is an incredibly smart football coach whose depth of knowledge of the game has helped him become a talented playcaller in this league. During Kellen’s tenure as an NFL coach, he has helped to develop some of the best quarterbacks in the league and directed some of its best offenses. We are thrilled to have Kellen join our team.”

Speaking during his end of season press conference, Sirianni stressed the need for “fresh ideas” and “new ideas” (he used those exact phrases a combined eight times) on offense. The head coach added that he is “really look forward to really evolving the offense and some things that I believe that by the end of the year got stale.”

The expectation is that Moore will have significant control over the offense not only as the play-caller but also as a designer and schemer with Sirianni less involved than before.

There’s reason to believe Moore can help the Eagles improve. He oversaw some very good offenses as the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive coordinator, especially when his starting quarterback was healthy:

  • 2019 — 3rd in DVOA, 3rd in EPA per play, 1st in success rate, 4th in offensive points per game, 9th in offensive spending
  • 2020 (Dak Prescott missed 11 starts) — 24th in DVOA, 25th in EPA per play, 15th in success rate, t-18th in offensive points per game, 8th in offensive spending
  • 2021 — 4th in DVOA, 7th in EPA per play, 7th in success rate, 5th in offensive points per game, 2nd in offensive spending
  • 2022 (Dak Prescott missed 5 starts) — 14th in DVOA, 10th in EPA per play, 13th in success rate, 4th in offensive points per game, 2nd in offensive spending

Of course, here’s how the Cowboys ranked after firing Moore last year to give play-calling duties to Mike McCarthy:

  • 2023 — 9th in DVOA, 2nd in EPA per play, 3rd in success rate, 2nd in offensive points per game, 8th in offensive spending

So, it’s not exactly like the Cowboys missed Moore. Then again, Dallas benefited from THE easiest offensive schedule in the NFL as measured by DVOA.

The offensive schedules that Moore had were ranked 15th-toughest (2019), fourth-toughest (2020), 29th-toughest (2021), and 29th-toughest (2022).

Taking over as the Los Angeles Chargers’ OC, Moore had the fifth-toughest offensive schedule in 2023. The Bolts dealt with a number of key injuries and a head coaching change with Brandon Staley getting fired.

  • 2023 (Justin Herbert missed 5 starts) — 16th in DVOA, 24th in EPA per play, 23rd in success rate, 21st in offensive points per game, 15th in offensive spending

Not great but could have been worse.

There’s little doubt that Jeffrey Lurie will be expecting top-notch results from the Eagles’ 2024 offense. The pressure is on Moore to help Jalen Hurts bounce back closer to 2022 form after the quarterback took a step back in 2023.

Should Moore excel, there’s always the risk the 35-year-old could leave for a head coaching job. That could be considered a ‘good problem to have,’ assuming the Eagles can find a high quality replacement. Could the Eagles potentially prevent Moore from leaving Philly by replacing Sirianni with him? It’s premature to say that’s a likely outcome but the Eagles did interview Moore for their head coach opening in 2021 and Sirianni is entering the 2024 season on the hot seat after last season’s historic collapse.

Moore will play no small part in the success/failure of the Eagles next season and perhaps beyond.

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