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Jalen Hurts on his finger injury: “It popped out”

The Eagles QB spoke after the Giants game and gave an update on his finger, as well as his mentality heading into the postseason.

The Eagles not only lost to the Giants on Sunday, but several starters suffered injuries, including quarterback Jalen Hurts. Early in the second quarter, the QB went into the medical tent after the middle finger on his throwing hand made contact with a defender and was dislocated.

When Hurts spoke after the game, he said that they’re taking things day-by-day at this point, and that it’s very unfortunate and not something he’s ever experienced before.

“It popped out.”

When asked how it felt throwing the ball after he returned from the sideline with tape on his finger.

“I mean, it was okay.”

He explained that he doesn’t really like to talk about injuries, and would rather let time play out and see how things go.

Still, Hurts talked about how as a team, everything they want is still in front of them. Nothing else matters — nothing of the past, not any records or wins or losses. The objective is to win.

“I have a lot of confidence in Coach [Sirianni]. He puts his heart into it. He has a will to win, and that’s really all you can ask for.”

He said the mood is similar to that in the locker room, and trying not to ride the waves of the season. It’s all about controlling what they can control, ignoring all the external things, and said that he believes this team is more than capable of taking advantage of what’s in front of them.

Hurts also spoke on A.J. Brown’s injury, saying that it was unfortunate, especially at this point in their journey, but he wishes a speedy recovery for the receiver.

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