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Jalen Hurts appreciates A.J. Brown having the courage to apologize in front of the team

The Eagles QB talked about A.J. Brown putting some rumors to rest, his thoughts on head coach Nick Sirianni, and how has a different hunger heading into this year’s postseason.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the Eagles this week, but the team is back to work and preparing for the Giants. Quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters on Wednesday and talked about A.J. Brown finally talking to the media, how Nick Sirianni builds relationships with players, and how he has a different type of hunger heading into this postseason.

Here’s what the QB had to say:

On A.J. Brown breaking his silence

After two weeks of opting to forego media questioning, Brown spoke to reporters on Wednesday, and among other things, said he apologized to his teammates for them having to answer for him. Hurts said that Brown was taking leadership and ownership over the narrative that’s been out there.

“I appreciate him having the courage to do that in front of the team.”

The QB explained that his friendship with Brown has allowed them to have more conversations and to be intentional with what they’re doing, and chase their goals, especially during this recent rough stretch.

Hurts wouldn’t say that Brown needed to apologize, but said it was on the WR’s heart and the QB will always support whatever he, or any other player, feels.

On head coach Nick Sirianni

Quarterbacks and head coaches tend to the get the brunt of the criticism during tough times, and Hurts said that Sirianni is keeping his head down and working, and is trying to do his best.

Brown mentioned Sirianni’s loyalty when addressing reports he’s frustrated with the coach, and Hurts added another layer to that.

“I think [Sirianni] definitely has a way of building his relationships with the players, and showing up for the players with his emotion and his passion for the game, and that’s all you can ask for.”

Hurts later acknowledged that he has a set one-on-one meeting with Sirianni every week, but when asked what day that meeting is held, the QB had a big smile and said, “Next question.”

Other notables

  • Hurts explained that keeping the locker room engaged is as simple as taking ownership over the things they can control and committing to giving and being their best selves.
  • As for how things are different this year heading into the postseason, Hurts said he still has a hunger, although admittedly it might be a different hunger, but getting ready for the playoffs is no different. Having a taste of their ultimate goal but falling short makes it different, but he still wants to take things one day at a time and focus on this last regular season game.
  • It won’t be up to him if or how much starters play in Week 18, but said that it’s important for them to execute at a high level in their final game, and starting building some rapport.
  • Hurts said hopefully Julio Jones can continue to give them a boost in the playoffs, noting the WR has made some big-time plays for the Eagles this season.

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