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A.J. Brown explains frustrations, says it’s not with Eagles coaches or play-calling

The Eagles WR hasn’t talked to reporters in two weeks, but finally opened up about why he’s so frustrated, and also why it has nothing to do with head coach Nick Sirianni.

Eagles’ WR A.J. Brown has declined to speak to reporters for the past two weeks, prepared to take a fine for avoiding the task, and showing frustrations both on the field and in the locker room. The team captain finally opened up on Wednesday, and explained that he didn’t want to compound negativity.

“The reason why I didn’t speak to the media after the game, is because I didn’t want to be negative. I had already transitioned to the mindset where we were going through a tough time, and me, the person I am, I just know that I just have to go back to work.”

Brown pointed out that there was nothing he could do about the outcome of the game, and he was raised that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. He didn’t want to compound a negative with a negative, pointing out that there was enough bad things to write about, the media watches the games too, and he didn’t want to make things worse. Plus, the WR explained that when he does or says things, he’s classified as a monster.

“Honestly, it’s the opposite. You saw my frustration on the field, it wasn’t because of the playcall, it wasn’t about none of that. It was about my guy [DeVonta Smith] getting banged up. We’re gonna need — I’mma need Smitty moving forward.

But, that was it.

I apologized to my teammates today, you know, because they shouldn’t have to answer questions on my behalf. I’m a man, I can speak for myself.”

He also mentioned that his frustration seems to be getting all the headlines because he’s shaking his head and showing emotions, but the whole team is frustrated right now, it’s not just Brown.

“Everybody in the stadium has bad body language, they’re frustrated.

Yeah, I wanted to clear that up, because it’s not about me. We’re all frustrated.”

Brown went on to say that he wants to win, and he and his teammates dedicate their lives to this game — waking up before the sun and not going home for hours after the sun has gone down. A play could fall apart because one guy was off one inch. Brown pointed out that’s actually what happened on that 2nd-and-16 play that OC Brian Johnson is catching flack for — if one guy on the left blocks one guy, that was a 30-yard touchdown.

The WR also took umbrage with the report of a veteran on the team saying Brown was dividing the locker room, noting that he was going to ask that reporter who the veteran was, because he knows his teammates are riding for him, and he’s riding for them — including the coaches.

“I’m not mad at Nick [Sirianni], I’m not mad at nobody. We have a great relationship. Like I said, I have a ton of respect for Nick.”

Brown went on to explain that Sirianni often will take the brunt of the criticism when it’s on the players. Specifically, the WR pointed to the Seahawks game, admitting that the players messed that one up and tried to improvise, but Sirianni came out and said that they were trying to draw a DPI on the deep pass to Brown.

“[Sirianni] made himself look like a fool for us. I have nothing but respect for him, because not all coaches do that. We riding with Nick.”

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