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Jason Kelce’s injuries limit his Pro Bowl event options

The Eagles’ center revealed he would attend the Pro Bowl games this year, but explained why he can’t participate in several events due to injuries.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

While we don’t know whether Jason Kelce will officially retire this off-season or if he’ll return to the Eagles for another year, we did learn on the latest episode of New Heights that he’s dealing with a long list of injuries.

He revealed that when he jumped out of the box at the Chiefs-Bills game, he forgot that he was dealing with an MCL sprain in his right knee, and nearly slipped when he landed on the steps. Kelce didn’t say how long he had been dealing with the issue, but you’d have to imagine he was at least playing through some of that against the Bucs in the postseason game, and probably longer than that.

Kelce is no stranger to playing through injury, as you might expect from the new franchise record holder for consecutive starts, which apparently includes elbow and finger issues that will keep him from several Pro Bowl events.

During the New Heights episode, Kelce confirmed that he would be participating in the Pro Bowl this year, and when he and Travis were listing off the new events, Jason pointed to a lot of things he can’t do because of various injuries.

  • He can’t play dodgeball because his right elbow “doesn’t work anymore”,
  • He can’t do the best catch event because he only has nine fingers that work,
  • And if he tried to do the place-kicking event, he suspected he might blow out his knee (referencing the MCL sprain)

All-in-all he said he’s willing to do whatever events he can, including precision passing, the tug-of-war — at which he didn’t think he’d be very helpful —, and the obstacle course relay race.

When you hear the legendary Eagle list off all the things he’s dealing with, it’s no wonder he considers retiring every year… but even at less than 100 percent, he’s still the best center in the NFL.

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