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Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce defend Nick Sirianni against job speculation

Despite a lot of outside noise about Nick Sirianni’s future as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s got the support of the team’s veteran-most players.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

There has been no shortage of speculation about the future of the Eagles organization and notably whether head coach Nick Sirianni will be back in 2024 or if the team will opt to make a change. As players cleaned out their lockers on Wednesday following their exit interviews and final meetings, several guys were asked their thoughts on Sirianni, and guys like Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce held him in high esteem.

Cox was noticeably annoyed by the notion that Sirianni wouldn’t be back next season.

“What is there to talk about? This man, he’s a winner. He’s a winning head coach.

Did we have some bumps this year? Yeah, but every team, every organization, everybody goes through it. But, we don’t look at firing a man who has obviously won 10-plus games two years in a row, that’s took this organization to three playoffs appearances three years in a row. That’s a respect. Coaches, he’s a good leader for this team, he does a really good job.

Did we come up short? Yeah. Did things happen this year? Yeah. But you don’t look at — or I don’t discuss firing a man, when this man’s got a family.”

Kelce also spoke to reporters at his locker on Wednesday, and while he wouldn’t comment about his potential retirement, he did offer his support of Nick Sirianni as the head coach for the Eagles.

“I think he’s a great head coach. Obviously, nobody was good enough this year — I wasn’t, none of the players, none of the coaches were good enough down the stretch. That’s the reality of this business. When you’re that bad, it’s a collective thing.

But, I’ll always have faith in Nick Sirianni. I think he does a lot of things structurally, and organizationally, that I think are really well done.

Obviously, we gotta lot of things to fix to improve the outcomes of the offense in general, from my perspective for next year, but I think very, very highly of Nick Sirianni.”

We’ll have to see if Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman agree with some of the most-veteran players in the locker room — guys who have played for three or four head coaches in their tenure with the team.

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