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Bill Belichick to the Eagles? Mike Florio say there’s smoke to Nick Sirianni being replaced

Well, then.

Philadelphia Eagles (25) Vs. New England Patriots (20) At Gillette Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Bill Belichick?

There’s been no shortage of discussion about the Birds potentially moving on from Nick Sirianni after an epic collapse to end the 2023 season.

Mike Florio added more fuel to the fire on Saturday with a Pro Football Talk article titled: “Is Nick Sirianni in danger of being replaced?

Bold emphasis is mine:

The Eagles went to the Super Bowl last year. They started the current season 10-1. But someone has gone very wrong in recent weeks, and there’s a sense in some circles that coach Nick Sirianni could be in trouble if the Eagles follow their 1-5 finish with 0-1 in the postseason.

The Eagles would scoff at such possibilities, pointing out that Sirianni has gone to the playoffs in each of his three seasons as the head coach. Some in league circles firmly regard a coaching change as impossible, even if the Eagles get blown out.

An unmistakable undercurrent remains that a change isn’t out of the question, if things continue to go poorly against the Bucs. The key could be the availability of Bill Belichick.

The Eagles could feel like Sirianni is holding the roster back and Belichick, arguably the greatest coach ever, could step in and help the team win now. As opposed to firing Sirianni to do a whole reset with a new, unproven coach.

Of course, this could all be very premature. The Eagles might have no intention of moving on from Sirianni. Especially if the Eagles are able to win a playoff game (or more).

But it’s not hard to wonder about Jeffrey Lurie’s interest in a six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach. Especially considering Lurie’s ties to the New England Patriots as a Boston native and a close friend of Robert Kraft. Not to mention the Eagles’ previous interest in hiring longtime Belichick protege Josh McDaniels before ultimately pivoting to Sirianni in 2021.

The Eagles owner might view a move for Belichick as the Kansas City Chiefs hiring Andy Reid. A fresh start did wonders in that case.

Could it be the same case for Belichick?

Perhaps not. Maybe the 71-year-old’s best days are behind him.

Regardless, hard to entirely rule it out while Sirianni’s future remains uncertain and rumors suggest it could be possible.

UPDATE: There’s also this from Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union:

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