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Jalen Hurts admits returning to the Eagles-Giants game wasn’t good for his finger injury

The Eagles’ QB hasn’t attempted to throw since the Week 18 game and will try his best in Monday night’s wild card matchup.

The Eagles opted to change from a walk-through to practice on Thursday, and Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters before getting out on the field, and gave some interesting insights into his finger injury and how it’s still a day-by-day thing.

As for getting back on the field Monday night, Hurts said that he’ll just have to try his best, but admitted that he hasn’t tried to throw since last Sunday.

“Obviously, leaving that game and attempting to go back in that game, probably wasn’t physically the best idea — not having much control over the things that I wanted to do, but time will tell with that. I can assure you that everything is progressing in the right way.”

The QB was asked pointedly if that means that his finger is improving, but Hurts just reiterated, “everything is progressing in the right way.”

As for whether throwing or ball handling was the biggest challenge after his injury, Hurts said that everything is a challenge when you have a finger out of place. The QB also acknowledged that the injury hurt more the next day, which led to him rethinking the decision to return in Sunday’s game.

Hurts has gone into each of his three post-seasons with injuries, but the QB said he’ll have to wait and see how this one compares based on the result Monday night.

On facing the Bucs

Hurts talked about how he draws from all of his experiences, good and bad, including his first NFL playoff game against the Buccaneers two years ago.

He later talked about execution being a main point of emphasis when going against a Todd Bowles defense. Hurts noted that execution is his standard answer for everything, because it all really does come down to how well they execute.

“We have a ton of respect for [Bowles], and he’s done a great job for a long time, and they have great players over there in Tampa. But, it comes down to how we execute.”

The QB pointed to execution again when asked about how he has to prepare for the blitz, something the Bucs like do a lot, and also said it’s about guys being on the same page. They have to take advantage of what the defense is giving them, so they’ll prepare and have a plan, and it’ll come down to them executing it.

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