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Report: Brian Johnson will interview for Panthers head coaching job

I’m sure Eagles fans would be totally devastated to see the offensive coordinator leave.

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Not a joke: Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson is expected to interview for the Carolina Panthers’ head coaching job, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter.

I’m sure the reactions to this news will range somewhere from “LMAO please take him!” to “this is just to satisfy the Rooney Rule requirement.”

It is quite possible the Panthers don’t know what they’re doing. This is a team that traded away what became the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft to take Bryce Young over C.J. Stroud.

But it’s actually not totally inconceivable that Johnson is generating some head coaching interest.

For starters, he was said to be a really hot offensive coordinator candidate last year before remaining in Philly. Even if his 2023 performance is viewed as a disappointment, it’s not like’s he viewed as a total nincompoop with no credentials. Sometimes there’s a big difference between how the league views a coach and fans do, as seen with Jonathan Gannon.

On that note, there’s also the matter of the difference between being a good coordinator and being a good head coach.

The unpopular feeling here is that Johnson has gotten too much blame for the Eagles’ under-performing offense in 2023. This isn’t to say he’s done an amazing job ... but he’s faced a disproportionate amount of blame for offensive failures that ultimately stem from Nick Sirianni.

We’ll see what happens with the Panthers’ interest in Johnson. If they hire him, the Eagles will be awarded two third-round draft picks (Resolution JC-2A). The guess here is that if the Panthers hire a B. Johnson, it’ll be Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson instead.

At that point, Brian Johnson might actually be back for another season in Philly? Or maybe the Eagles will force Sirianni to hire a new OC? Or perhaps both Johnson and Sirianni will be gone?!

Who knows.

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