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Nick Sirianni is excited to see young guys step up on Eagles special teams

The Eagles head coach said that not having a punter or punt returner on the 53-man roster isn’t indicative of how they view special teams.

The Eagles are hitting the road for their first game of the 2023 NFL season and head coach Nick Sirianni briefly spoke to reporters one more time before the Week 1 matchup.

Sirianni said that they aren’t really thinking about the Super Bowl loss much anymore, and aren’t leaning on that as motivation. At this point, they’re just working through their week and focusing on getting better one day at a time.

Still, the Super Bowl was the last game they had, so the head coach admitted that he’s excited to get back out on the field Sunday.

“Always excited about that. Always excited about when you’re able to go out there and put your talents on display.

So, I’m excited to see these guys play. I’m excited for them to go out there and put on a good performance. But we have to be on our stuff because we’re playing a really talented and well-coached football team.”

Sirianni also talked a bit about special teams and how he’s excited for some of the young guys to step into new roles.

“I guess the real thing is I’m excited that they go out there and perform. I have a lot of confidence that we will, led by Coach Clay and then some of our special teams guys that we really want to count on, with Josh Jobe, with Christian Ellis, with Terrell Edmonds, a lot of different guys that are going to have a lot of important roles. Sydney Brown.

So, excited for them to go out there and perform.”

As far as not having a punter or punt returner on the 53-man roster, the head coach explained that they look at their roster as a total of 69 guys, so they use some of that flexibility on game day. Sirianni also noted that it wasn’t any sort of indication of how they view special teams, with him acknowledging that they know how important that phase is to the game.

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