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Britain Covey has won me over

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

I was excited to see Devon Allen return kicks on Monday as we haven’t had a thrilling returner since Brian Mitchell (2000-02). Sure, DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbrook had huge punt returns for TDs (thank you Giants) but it wasn’t their steady gig. Jalen Reagor returned a punt for a TD in his rookie season, but then fumbled 19 punts and averaged -2 yards per return* after that.

*These stats are rough estimates, not verified.

Reno Mahe led the league in punt return average in 2005. Did you know that??! My recollection is that he was a human fair catch. I’m sure Mahe is a decent guy but I had a burning hatred for him when he’d trot back to field a punt. I KNEW he wouldn’t break one.

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles - December 31, 2006
Mahe looking in a fair catch
Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images

I’m not asking for a touchdown on every return but I am looking for some excitement. I’m looking for someone who can change games for us! Enter Devon Allen, a world class sprinter who broke a huge return in preseason. Sure, it’s rare to have an actual kickoff return these days but if he did well last night as the kick returner, maybe he could take over punt return duties and we’d have our guy. There was only one problem with my plan…Britain f***in’ Covey.

BC was on thin ice after fumbling in Week 2. His final strike. This could be the end of his NFL dream. And his replacement with the great story and great pedigree was suited up and ready to take his place. Imagine being on probation at your job with your replacement clocking in while you’re on your final strike. It was do or die for BC and he showed up. The Eagles needed a jump start on the road in a scoreless tie against an undefeated team. The Bucs punted it to the 5 and BC fielded that sh*t! Why not? It was do or die for this dude. He ran 52 yards like his life depended on it (it did!) and set us up in Bucs territory! The return was electrifying and got the team and the fans at Raymond James (53% were Eagles fans) jacked. Not to mention all the fans watching at home. THAT is what a punt returner is supposed to do. He had two other exciting returns on Monday and just one Reno Mahe (fair catch). I found myself getting excited every time the Bucs punted. We had a live wire back there with nothing to lose. I dug that about him!

Look at this guy’s story: A little fella (5’8”, 173 lbs), who managed to get a scholarship to a Pac 12 school (Utah). He was named a first team Freshman All-American in 2015 then took off for a mormon mission in Chile for two years (’16 & ’17). He tore his ACL in 2018, then redshirted in 2019. COVID shortened his 2020 season to four games and that left him with 2021 as the only chance to show the NFL that he deserved a shot. What did he do? He racked up 1400 all purpose yards (not including a 97 yard kickoff return for a TD and 208 all purpose yds in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State). He was named first team All Pac 12 and then went undrafted. Nobody wanted this guy. The Eagles signed him and against long odds he made the team as a punt returner. He was okay last year, but I was hoping for an upgrade this year. They put him on practice squad probation and he actually had a few nice returns in week one and two. And then Monday night happened. Enough doubting this guy, enough testing him. Britain Covey is our punt returner and he’s going to strike fear in opposing teams. How great is that?

I used to be a Covey hater but he’s won me over. This dude is scrappy, tough, fast and hungry. He’s like our own Rudy! You think he’s never been counted out before? BC lives in the doubt-sphere. He thrives there! Special teams have been a question mark under Nick Sirianni so far but we’ve got the best kicker in the league (Justin Tucker missed a game winner on Sunday), and if we’ve got an electric returner then special teams could win multiple games for us. Let’s get behind this guy. I think a lot of us can relate to an underdog like Covey proving all the haters wrong.


How do you feel about Britain Covey?

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  • 17%
    I think he’s the reincarnation of Vai Sikahema
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  • 11%
    I think he will break all of Devin Hester’s return records
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  • 68%
    He’s a’ight
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