Taylor Swift: Eagles Sleeper Cell

I am about say something that will either pop a vein in your temple with outrage or make you nod quietly in agreement - I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan by any stretch of the imagination. It just doesn't do it for me. What's more puzzling is the fact that millions of people are tripping over each other and refinancing their homes to see a three hour concert of pop music. . . not my bag, baby.

But when I got the news that you all must have also heard, I raised an eyebrow. "Jason Kelce Confirms Brother is Dating Taylor Swift." (Cue the Grinch smile!) Oh, is that so......interesting.

Earlier in the summer we saw the pandering headlines about Taylor's announcement that she is a Birds fan when she performed at the Linc. That's what we all thought it was - pandering. But maybe not. Perhaps we have ourselves a true dedicated fan here.

It's a safe bet most of you have the November Chiefs game circled on the calendar already. The shelf life of a T-Swift relationship ranges from 4-6 weeks. It's also a safe bet that Travis will be experiencing his own bout with heartbreak by this time. Seeing that he and Pacheco are the only skill position players worth a damn on the Chiefs, the competitive edge this heartbreak will bring is palpable.

I could be wrong. This could be wild speculation, but my money is on Taylor being the ultimate sleeper cell. I hope I'm right.