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Let’s give Brian Johnson some grace

The criticism of the Eagles’ new offensive coordinator has gone overboard.

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We need to give Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson some grace. He is more than qualified for the position and the Eagles clearly promoted him for a reason.

No, the Birds have not looked like a well-oiled machine through the first two weeks. But they have not lost a game.

Jalen Hurts has not looked like himself. He has yet to pass for 200 yards in a game and he’s been sacked seven times. However, with necessary in-game adjustments, the Birds were able to find success on the ground.

On BGN Radio #349, Brandon Lee Gowton explained why the Eagles passing game is not doomed.

“I still believe in Brian Johnson. This isn’t some bozo they hired to be their offensive coordinator and this is not the same thing as Mike Groh when the Eagles just promoted him [in 2018]. No one was coming after Mike Groh when the Eagles hired him. Teams wanted to interview Brian Johnson, a lot of teams including the Ravens … not just like bad teams but teams that people have respect for wanted to talk to Brian Johnson, I refuse to believe he’s a total buffoon.”

Johnson has received a ton of criticism for his play-calling through the first two weeks and that’s understandable. The Eagles are loaded with elite weapons, so, of course we would like to see them all getting involved. But the Eagles’ starters did not play in the preseason games so it’s might take some time for the passing offense to finds its rhythm.

“I just feel like there’s too much talent here. I feel like Brian Johnson isn’t in incompetent boob who doesn’t know what he’s doing as an offensive coordinator, Jalen Hurts is too talented, there’s just too much here for this operation to continue to struggle to this degree. You have this mini bye, there is some time to kind of look at what’s going wrong and I think they’re going to figure it out.”

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