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A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts have squashed non-existent beef

QB1 and one of his top targets are not mad at each other. Please don’t put in the newspaper that they’re mad!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

During the Philadelphia Eagles’ 34-28 win over the Minnesota Vikings last Thursday, the cameras caught a heated discussion on the sidelines between quarterback Jalen Hurts and one of his top targets, wide receiver A.J. Brown. It certainly looked like the two of them were arguing and many online speculated that Brown was frustrated with his lack of targets during the game.

If you’ve already forgotten about this, since it was a week ago and Jason Kelce’s brother might really be dating Taylor Swift since then, here is the video as a quick refresher.

On Thursday, exactly a week after the “blow up,” Brown spoke to the media and set the record straight. If you can’t watch the video embedded below, Brown is smiling throughout his whole statement and, quite honestly, seems bemused by the whole situation.

Here is the transcript of Brown’s answer to the best of my meager transcribing abilities:

“It was a discussion, you know. It is a game that we both love and I want everybody to understand that sometimes emotions run high and that’s kinda what happened too. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. That doesn’t mean that I’m beefing with Jalen. No, and also I want y’all to know, no it was not about targets. I’m sure everybody thought that because he threw me the ball three plays in a row afterwards, but, no I was not over there discussing targets or whatever. Because it was something that happened earlier and we was having a discussion about it and so I know everybody took that out of context but it’s not a big deal. Me and him are still on the same page, we’re still growing, we’re still trying to become great, and get wins most importantly.

But the reason why I left after the game is because I had, my emotions was high so I had to remove myself. Because I know all of y’all, y’all want a story and y’all doing y’all’s job and I don’t hold any one of y’all for it, you know, but I just had to clear my mind before I get in front of y’all.”

Brown ended the Vikings game with four catches for 29 yards, both second best on the team, and he has 11 catches on 16 targets (which both actually lead the team) for 108 yards (only behind Devonta Smith’s 178) on the young season.

While it would certainly be better for Content and Storylines, this whole episode has been so overblown. Hurts and Brown are two people at the absolute apex of their craft and, as Brown mentioned, sometimes emotions run high during a football game! Unless this is your first time watching sports or having a disagreement with a co-worker...I think you can understand that this was nothing about which to be concerned.

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