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D’Andre Swift is one of us

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

D’Andre Swift grew up an Eagles fan, just like most of us. I’m sure we all dreamed at some point of playing for the Eagles but for various reasons (timing, injuries, lack of NFL level talent, bad luck), it didn’t happen. Swift however, had the talent to be a second-round pick in the NFL but the awful luck of being drafted by a team other than the Eagles. That meant he had to play AGAINST the Eagles. His job was to do his best to make the Eagles lose. I couldn’t do it, it would mess me up psychologically. But D’Andre Swift was able to do it because he had a plan. On opening day last year, he ran for 144 yards and a TD against us. Electrifying runs. Each run seemed to shout, “Bring me home!”

A year later, the Lions signed David Montgomery and drafted Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round. They didn’t seem to want Swift anymore. They ended up trading him for a 2025 fourth-round pick. Peanuts! He was suddenly a castoff underdog with something to prove. The bright side for Swift is that he was traded home, to his favorite team. I forgot, does Philly like underdogs?

In his Eagles debut, he was essentially benched. Two touches. Maybe Detroit traded him for a reason. And then at home in Week 2, a Kenneth Gainwell injury put him in the starting lineup for his favorite team in their home opener. Imagine what it would feel like to put on an Eagles uniform and be under the lights at the Linc and have the ball in your hands in prime time. And then imagine going for 175 and a TD and have us all cheering for you, a fellow Eagles fan. D’Andre Swift is living our dream. He’s Rocky Balboa.

Watching him against the Vikings reminded me of LeGarette Blount in the Super Bowl season. He just looked like a hot knife cutting through butter out there, breaking off huge chunks of yardage with every carry. I think Swift is gonna be a superstar. I predict 2,000 yards and Super Bowl MVP this year. Then we’ll re-sign him and we’ll win the next four Super Bowls. And he’ll be in the Hall of Fame. I’ve got a real feeling about this. And he’s an Eagle fan! He’s one of us!

Have we ever had a die hard Eagles fan end up starring for the team? Vince Papale was a great underdog story and he had the big movie but he played special teams and wasn’t part of any championships. Chuck Bednarik (from Bethlehem, PA) embodies everything that we love: tough as nails two way player (center/linebacker), a World War II vet, two championships, and first ballot Hall of Famer. He was from Bethlehem, but was he a big Eagles fan? He was born eight years before the team even existed.

D’Andre Swift is a die hard Eagles fan and a major star in the making. He’s one of us, and we get to root for him every week. On his way to five straight Super Bowls and the Hall of Fame. Believe it!

Am I missing a big Eagles fan who starred for the team? Do you think I’m being too conservative about Swift’s future? Chime in on the comments.

Quick intro: Hi! I’m David Hoffman. This is my first piece for Bleeding Green Nation and I’m pumped to be here. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I’m a writer (“Mike Tyson Mysteries”) and actor (Doug in Liberty Mutual’s “Limu Emu & Doug” commercials) born in Philly, currently living in LA. I’ve been an Eagles fan since I was four but they became an obsession/religion/way of life when I went to Buddy Ryan’s first training camp in 1986. I’m an eternal optimist who assumes the Eagles will go undefeated and win the Super Bowl every year. This year is no exception.

That’s me in the hat in 1988, getting Reggie White’s autograph.

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