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Eagles vs. Vikings preview: Key stats to watch

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Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As well as the weekly All-22 reviews, I’ll be doing some stats previews this year too, using the wonderful Sports Info Solutions and Pro Football Focus for all data. These articles are really useful for me, because I look at tendencies, and hopefully this will make the game more enjoyable for you! Obviously, as there has only been one week, we have to remember that all of this data is based on a limited sample size.

Eagles Tendencies - Offense

More 12 personnel this week, surely? This feels too heavy for a team that excelled in 12 last year.

The lack of motion is not surprising, it’s just never been a priority under this coaching staff. The lack of RPOs last week surprised me, and I wonder if we will see more this week.

I wondered if the Eagles would run more screens this year, well it didn’t happen last week!

Eagles Tendencies - Defense

Nothing too surprising here, as I noted in the film review that the Eagles played a lot of nickel last week. That’s backed up here.

The Eagles’ run defense looks even more impressive when you look at the amount of light boxes. This was truly a two-high defense, even more so than last year.

Despite the Eagles showing a lot of two-high looks presnap, they did run a fair amount of MOFC coverage (cover 1/3) as I noted in the film review.

Vikings Tendencies - Offense

Get ready for some 21 personnel! The Eagles saw this last week, so I imagine they will stay in nickel personnel.

Get ready for lots of play-action and rollouts!

Vikings Tendencies - Defense

This defense under Brian Flores is crazy... buckle up for some fun data.

I don’t know what to make of this. Just expect to see some base, nickel, and dime.

This is the polar opposite to the Vikings’ defense from last year which lived in two-high shells. Get ready for a bunch of stacked boxes and crazy blitz looks all game.

This is hilarious. Who the hell ranks 1st in 3-man rush and in blitzes?! 47% blitz rate?! The Eagles better be prepared for some single-high blitzes. I’m expecting to see a lot of deep shots this week!

Eagles Offense vs. Vikings Defense

The Eagles’ offense numbers aren’t pretty after week one. The huge change in this Vikings’ defense compared to last year is the improved run defense. Now, it’s only been one game against the Bucs but it suggests that is a priority for them this year. The Eagles’ offense will be hoping to get back on track but the Vikings’ defense under Brian Flores won’t be easy.

Eagles Defense vs. Vikings Offense

The Vikings under Kirk Cousins just put up insane numbers without ever being that good. 5.9 yards per play and 7.5 yards per pass attempt is very good. Despite this, they somehow only scored 17 points! They had a terrible rushing game in week 1 and the Eagles will be hoping they can shut down the run and force them into obvious passing situations where they can bracket Justin Jefferson.

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