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Same script, different year

So far 2023 is just like 2022

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

In February Arian Foster claimed the NFL is scripted, which he was mocked for. The NFL even made fun of him last week. Maybe he was right? Since Foster’s comments the WGA has gone on strike and for the Eagles the producers seem to have just dusted off last year’s Week 1 script and hoped no one would notice. I did.

The offense looked rusty after not playing in the preseason

2022: The offense played six snaps in the preseason. Jalen Hurts started 0-5 against the Lions; the offense was penalized eight times, four on the first two possessions.

2023: The offense played zero snaps in the preseason. In the first half against the Patriots they had four straight three and outs; the longest completion in the first half was for 9 yards; after the game Nick Sirianni said he would re-evaluate his stance on starters in the preseason

The defense had a pick 6

2022: James Bradberry.

2023: Darius Slay.

They scored two touchdowns in two minutes

2022: At 7:34 in the 2nd quarter, Miles Sanders scored, three plays later at 6:26 Bradberry had his pick 6.

2023: At 4:56 in the 1st quarter, Darius Slay had his pick 6, four plays later at 2:39 Devonta Smith scored.

The offense force fed a player

2022: AJ Brown had 13 targets while the rest of the team combined for 16.

2023: 8 of the 13 plays on the first possession and 2 of the 4 plays on the second possession ended with the ball in Kenneth Gainwell’s hands.

A star pass catcher put up a 0

2022: Devonta Smith had 0 catches.

2023: Dallas Goedert had 0 catches.

Jalen Hurts had to do too much with his legs

2022: 17 rushing attempts led the team.

2023: 9 rushing attempts was seven more than D’Andre Swift and Boston Scott combined.

The passing game disappointed outside of AJ Brown

2022: Jalen Hurts threw for 0 TDs and everyone not named AJ Brown combined for 88 receiving yards.

2023: Jalen Hurts threw for 170 yards and everyone not named AJ Brown combined for 91 receiving yards.

The pass rush didn’t get going

2022: 1 sack, which was on a bad snap in the 4th quarter.

2023: 2 sacks, they didn’t hit let alone sack Mac Jones until the second half.

The Eagles got up by three scores then gave up two touchdowns

2022: The Eagles were up 17 late in the third quarter 38-21, the Lions scored the next two touchdowns.

2023: The Eagles were up 16 late in the first quarter 16-0, the Patriots scored the next two touchdowns.

Jake Elliot had six attempts

2022: 5-5 on extra points and 1-1 on field goal attempts.

2023: 1-2 on extra points and 4-4 on field goal attempts.

The Patriots lost

2022: The Dolphins beat them.

2023: The Eagles beat them.

The Eagles play the Vikings on national TV in Week 2

2022: Monday Night Football.

2023: Thursday Night Football.

So, we’ve been in a place like this before. It worked out alright. If we’re just going to use last year’s script let’s hope the writer’s strike ends before February.

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