Initial thoughts on an ugly win

The Eagles are undefeated so far this year, and that's the most important thing. They don't hand out style points, which is a good thing for our team, since they wouldn't get any.

Starting with the positives, Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter were dominant. And the team's other DTs - notably Williams and Cox - were really good as well. Our dline is headed for another dominant year, and I can already see them making opposing offenses one dimensional, relying on short passes, screens and other gimmicks to keep the qb out of danger.

The corners were really good as well, although I think we need to qualify the fact that the Patriots were without any real talent on the oline or at the wr position, so take things with a grain of salt.

Clearly, though, the biggest takeaway from the game is that we have problems at LB and safety. While Reed Blankenship played lights out, Dean, Cunningham and Evans all struggled. In fact, I think we got better when Elliss entered the game, and it wouldn't shock me to see Nicolas Morrow playing a lot with him against the Vikings.

It also needs to be pointed out that K'Von Wallace had a good game for the Cardinals (at least from what I could tell without watching super closely.) And it may have been a mistake to keep Evans over him.

Regardless, the team needs to roll the dice with Sydney Brown and Nicolas Morrow. Teams are just going to eat us alive in the middle of the field with Evans and Cunningham out there. Hopefully the coaches see the easy answers to uncomplicated questions.

On offense, we looked horrible. Hurts was off, but he wasn't helped by a leaky offensive line and crucial mistakes by the team such as the bobble by Brown, the drop by Swift and untimely penalties.

I am not sure why Penny was inactive and Swift had only one carry. But my guess is that Penny will be up for the Vikings game and Scott will be inactive. Gainwell just doesn't have the juice to be a feature back.

Special teams, with the exception of two long returns, wasn't a disaster, and Siposs and Covey were fine to the point that the team should just roster them. Opeta can go to the practice squad (he cost them a timeout by screwing up the one job he had) and possibly Goodrich, who wouldn't be a monumental loss if he was claimed. Evans wouldn't be missed if he was dropped, and I seriously doubt anyone would claim him based off his performance.

Obviously the team's pedestrian victory was overshadowed by the Cowboys and 49ers looking absolutely beastly on Sunday, but I am not really worried about that, as I think both the Steelers and Giants are below average teams, while the Pats have a generational coach. But we need to play better this Thursday, and part of that will be to make the personnel changes that clearly need to happen.