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Jalen Hurts says ‘winning is the only thing that matters’ after Eagles beat the Patriots

Philadelphia’s offense struggled in their Week 1 win. But the franchise QB was only focused on the outcome.

The Eagles squeaked out a win over the Patriots on Sunday, and quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters afterward and despite some offensive struggles, made it clear that getting the win is all he cares about.

“First and foremost, I think that’s a great win. You know, a great win for us being able to be resilient.

Obviously, for me, winning is the only thing that matters and it’s something that I’ve always said. All the time. So, that is the mentality right now.”

The QB went on to acknowledge that they clearly have things they need to work on.

“I have to be better in those situations when the ball is in my hand, and I take full accountability for that. But, good thing about it is we get the opportunity to play on Thursday.”

Hurts said that Brian Johnson did a great job calling plays in his first game as OC. The quarterback noted that he’s said throughout training camp that the team was searching for their identity, and that’s something they’re still navigating — which is something that happens when there are new guys and new roles.

“We’re gonna continue to grow. It’s easy for us to grow and always better when you win.

So give a lot of credit to Jake Elliott. I don’t like him kicking, but he showed up and he made big time plays all night for us. That was huge. That was huge.

And then our defense, how they played and how they were able to turn the ball over and get points for us. That was huge, as well.

So, a lot to clean up. Obviously, a lot to clean up, but always good to have a lot to clean up when you win. And I’ll reiterate, winning is the only thing that matters.”

Hurts was asked about Dallas Goedert not being targeted until the fourth quarter, but he explained that the offense tries not to let the game dictate how they run things. Some guys might get a lot of touches, and other not so much, so it’s all about making the most of their opportunities. The QB admitted though that he has to grow in his role as the point guard of the offense.

He also acknowledged that the faced a good Patriots’ defense, but even with the disguises they were seeing, Hurts said that they try and not make it about anyone else. They just try and control the things they can, so they have to be able to execute at a higher level and be more efficient.

When asked how he’s feeling after taking some big hits on Sunday night, the QB succinctly noted, “I’m ready for Thursday.”

Hurts wouldn’t address head coach Nick Sirianni admitting he was going to re-evaluate not playing starters in the preseason. The QB said that next season is a long time from now, and they’re just focused on Thursday’s game. He also said not playing in this year’s preseason is over with and would’ve, could’ve, should’ve doesn’t matter. They won, and that’s all that matters.

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