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Myles Jack talks about signing with the Eagles

The linebacker is excited to be in Philly, but said he learned a lot after going unsigned up to this point of the offseason.

The Eagles signed Myles Jack earlier this week to add some depth and experience at the linebacker position. He spoke to Philly reporters for the first time on Wednesday, and talked about being excited for this opportunity, and also about the uncertainty he dealt with this offseason. Jack also explained how he’ll fit into the linebacker group and why he’s happy they also signed Zach Cunningham.

Here’s what the LB had to say:

On signing with the Eagles

Jack said last week he was just sitting on the couch when he got a call from his agent and Howie Roseman, and then he flew to Philly for a workout. The LB said that he’s grateful for the opportunity, noting one week he was sitting at home and now he’s with Super Bowl contenders.

He acknowledged that the uncertainty around his future this offseason was a first for him — working out every day, but not signed, and not really sure what’s going on or what the future holds. But, Jack said that it was all a blessing.

“I think this is the best place for me to be. 100 percent.”

The Eagles had shown interest in Jack earlier in the offseason, but the LB said, among some other teams, no one had a real offer until after his workout in Philly. He was asked why he didn’t any offers up to this point, and while that’s a good question, Jack said if that’s what led to him being with the Eagles, he’s not worried about it.

“It’s a great place to be. I’m excited.”

He explained the timeline that led him to joining the team, including arriving late on Saturday night at 10 PM, his workout Sunday afternoon, and then he had a return flight booked. After the workout, he thought he was headed home, but then ultimately Jack got signed with only two pairs of underwear, two pairs of sweats, and two pairs of socks packed for what was supposed to be a 24-hour trip. The LB joked that he went to the store, got some tees, and the next day showed up for his physical before his first practice on Tuesday.

On his unsigned offseason

Jack later said it was a big relief being signed by the Eagles, because it did get to a point where he wasn’t sure if he’d be signed this season, especially as training camps got underway. Now, he’s excited and says it’s been fun.

He talked a little bit about how getting paid big money and then getting cut twice affected him, and said that he learned to trust God, get back to basics, work hard, and figure out what his weaknesses are so he can improve.

“I feel like this offseason was really about all that. Just realizing the flaws in what I’ve been doing, and what I haven’t been doing, and what I’m capable of, and I’m blessed to be here to be able to show that.”

The linebacker worked out with Budda Baker out in Arizona for 3-4 months while he mulled over what to do next career-wise if he ended up not being signed. Jack and Baker played together in high school, so they spent that time training with each other which allowed Jack to get right physically and mentally.

He explained that he wasn’t happy with what he had to go through this offseason, but does think that it’ll make him a better person, man, and football player moving forward.

On his role among the LBs

“Pretty much just coming in, working hard. I love to hit. I love to play defense. I just want to contribute wherever the coaches feel like I can come in and play, that’s where I’m going to come in.”

Jack has already taken first-team reps, and the linebacker said that it’s all about learning the playbook. He’s only been with the team for two days, so he’s got to learn the playbook as fast as possible, get some reps with the ones, and show everyone what he can do.

He was asked how he felt that the Eagles signed Zach Cunningham the same day, but Jack said that the best linebacker room that can be put together is going to be the best thing for the team.

“So, as much talent as we can have, that’s the best. I want to be on the best team, and I feel like iron sharpens iron, so that’s gonna bring the best out of everybody. Nobody wants to be on a bad team — I’ve been on bad teams before, so as much talent as you can have in the locker room, I don’t think that’s hurts anybody.”

The linebacker said that he sees a lot of potential with the Eagles defense, likening it to the 2017 Jacksonville group.

On LB coach D.J. Eliot

“Very detailed. Very, very clear. It’s great working with him as a coach, because he lets you know every single inch and crevice of the defense, which in phenomenal for me because these guys have been out here. Me, it’s literally my third day here, so I’m trying to figure out the defense and then go live and figure it out on the fly. But, he’s made it super easy for me.”

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