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A.J. Brown talks about his positive approach and moving on from the Super Bowl

The Eagles’ WR spoke to reporters about training camp, Jalen Hurts’ development, and his approach to the game.

The Eagles are back at practice as they get ready for their preseason opener and A.J. Brown spoke to reporters for a bit about training camp, Jalen Hurts’ development, and his approach to tuning out the noise and focusing on the positives.

Here’s what else the wide receiver had to say:

On training camp

Brown said that they’ve done some really good things so far in training camp, but there are a lot of things they need to get cleaned up, as well. He noted that they aren’t where they want to be, but they have time to improve, and they’re taking things one day at a time.

“We’re not comfortable. Most importantly we hold each other accountable, and I think that’s a really good thing.”

He relived his big touchdown catch from Sunday’s public practice at Lincoln Financial Field, and noted that it was in a two-minute situation, so he was gassed and tired.

“So, for me to make a play in a critical moment for Jalen, that just builds confidence.”

Brown explained that having those reps means that in a game, Hurts might look his way in a moment like that, or in another critical situation.

He later talked about joint practice with the Browns next week, and said he’s looking forward to going against another team and other players. The WR joked that he’s sick of seeing James Bradberry, Darius Slay, and Josh Jobe, because they’ve already seen everything he’s doing and he wants to judge his performance against others.

On Jalen Hurts

“I don’t want to put a ceiling on [Jalen Hurts], and I don’t know what it’s gonna look like. But, I know what I can say, he comes to work, he’s one of the hardest workers in the building — I think everyone knows that. I think he’s just focused on being consistent as ever. He’s leading his team.”

Brown said that as a friend, he was happy to see Hurts come in at No. 3 on the NFL Top 100 List, but also noted that as a teammate, nobody cares.

“He doesn’t care either, and that’s okay, because we know what we want to achieve. Like, we’re not in it for individual goals.”

The WR said that they are all excited for the QB and the recognition he gets, but they’re all just trying to stay focused on the task at hand.

On his positive approach to the game

Brown talked a bit about how he approaches the game and the noise that comes from media and fans, but said that he tries to stay away from most of it and just stay grounded. He reminds himself that he plays for God not for man.

The WR acknowledged that his approach helped this offseason coming off the Super Bowl loss, saying he focuses on the positives rather than the negatives. Things might not have ended the way he wanted, but he had a good season and he tries to focus on the small things leading up to that point.

“It is unfortunate we didn’t win, but you gotta move on. You gotta get up off the mat. It takes courage to get off the mat and get back to work, to start over, but that’s where we are and that’s what we’re doing.”

Other notables

  • Brown said that he and his trainer put together a plan for the offseason and they stuck to it. He wanted to be more disciplined and stay consistent, which were the most important things for the WR.

“I really think the ones that excel, last the longest.”

  • He talked about new teammate LB Zach Cunningham, who Brown played against a lot when the linebacker was in Houston and then were teammates for a brief time when they overlapped in Tennessee. Brown said Cunningham was always a force.

“I’m glad he’s here. He’s gonna be a huge impact for us. I’m glad, it’s a great pick-up.”

  • Brown joked about fielding punts at practice the other day, but said that’s just a way for him to get warmed up. But, maybe one day he’s a safety blanket back there.

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