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Jeff Stoutland talks Cam Jurgens, Tyler Steen, and more

The Eagles’ OL coach, Jeff Stoutland, talked about cross-training the young and new guys, and evaluating their swing value.

The Eagles offensive line returns four of five starters in 2023, and OL coach, run-game coordinator Jeff Stoutland is a big reason the group has been so successful for so long. He spoke after practice on Friday about some of the young guys and new guys and why they’re focused on cross-training the depth players.

Tyler Steen has gotten some opportunities early on at both guard and tackle, and Stout acknowledges it’s so early and being able to cross-train is the great thing about training camp.

“We lost some good players last year that were here. So, to be able to find out the position swing value of a player, to be able to do things now, early, before the stuff really starts, is extremely valuable. You cannot wait — you know how we’ve done it around here. We don’t wait for that. We build our depth. We get our people where we need to have ‘em, and then if something were to occur, we’re way, way ahead.”

The coach went on to note that, along with Steen, Cam Jurgens saw some reps at center and some at right guard. That kind of cross-training will continue to happen until they get closer to the season, when they’ll start honing in on positions.

Stoutland went on to say that Jurgens has done well in his transition to right guard, but it’s all new for him, so the coach is looking for consistency.

“I like what he’s doing, I really do. I think he’s doing a good job, but he’s gotta stay consistent and it’s gotta be every day.”

He also mentioned that he knew Jurgens was strong, but didn’t know how strong until he made the move to guard, and he’s impressed. Stoutland pointed out that Brandon Brooks was strong, but also had really quick feet, and that’s something that Jurgens has, as well.

Stoutland said that having a chance for Jurgens to learn from Jason Kelce is invaluable, but the second-year lineman is also a smart player and isn’t afraid to ask questions. Jurgens will speak up in meetings if something doesn’t make sense, he’s very confident, and he conceptualizes concepts very well.

The coach also talked about Dennis Kelly, who lined up at guard and both left and right tackle at practice. Stoutland said they have a lot of stuff to figure out, but having that swing value is necessary — if someone is not a starting player right now, they have to have swing value or they won’t be one of the eight players they take to the game.

They’re still evaluating Kelly to see how things may be different from when Stoutland coached the lineman nearly 10 years ago, but he’s playing a little lighter than before. The OL coach said it’s still early in trying to see how he fits and where his ability and experience will be the most effective.

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