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Eagles Offense All-22 Film Review: Takeaways from the Browns preseason game

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This game felt very much like preseason without the excitement of it being the first game back... but there was some stuff to take away from it. Let’s get into the offense.

Passing Game

Apologies, but I can’t be bothered to analyze Marcus Mariota’s performance. Let’s just all agree he isn’t very good at throwing the football, and that if he has to play this year the Eagles are going to run the ball. A lot. I’m OK with him as the backup for now but I would have liked to have seen more to feel comfortable. Luckily, QB3 looks pretty good...

Let’s get into the good stuff first. Tanner McKee can play! As I said last week, I really liked watching him post-draft and he’s doing what I thought he could. Look at this throw on the quick out. The anticipation he throws with for a rookie is fantastic, just pause the ball before he throws it. And the ball location is perfect too. This is good stuff.

This was my favorite call of the night and not something I remember the Eagles running too often last year. Double post cross is a fantastic play call against cover 4 which is taking over the league currently. The two posts are taking the top off the cover 4 defense which enables the deep crosser to come open as. It’s a slow-developing play and needs good protection. McKee reads it perfectly here and I absolutely love how he starts to bail and then calms himself down. You can see him start to feel the pressure but then he resets and delivers a strike. Beautiful.

The Eagles get a lot of single-high coverage, due to their running game, which means the outside areas (especially with 2 outstanding receivers) are always an option for the quarterback. That’s why I like the fit with McKee because he throws a beautiful ball outside the numbers, as we saw a lot against the Browns. This is a dime and he puts it exactly where it needs to be.

Now this play got my attention more than any other play. The Eagles do not do a lot of naked play action (or boot action) off their zone running game and I really do not know why but I am hoping we see more this year. This play is a good sign. If you’ve played Madden, you know this concept well. On any naked or boot action, you will often see 3 routes or so flood the area of the field that the quarterback is running too. It’s great in the red zone and on the goal line, especially with a mobile quarterback. McKee is mobile enough to run a lot of this stuff.

One negative was this rep from Tyler Steen. Steen is a rookie so I expect him to have his struggles, I just noticed him really getting pushed back into the quarterback on this rep, especially when he is being touted as a potential guard where it’s really important you can anchor well. I’d like to see him get a lot of reps in the final preseason game.

Running Game

The Eagles running game was a lot more basic in this one than in the first preseason game. This was a great rep of inside zone against an aggressive line of 7 defenders. The interior of the offensive line does a good job with the double team upfront. I have been one of Rashaad Penny’s biggest fans throughout his career (I was a huge fan predraft) and I hope he makes the team because I think he is extremely talented. However, does anyone else think he lacks a bit of juice here?

I’m sorry to all the NFL running backs, but what chance do they have of ever getting properly paid when this is the kind of talent available across the league? Trey Sermon is a perfectly fine back. In fact, if he started every game for the Eagles and had 15 carries a game, we all agree he would go over 1000 yards, right? He is arguably the Eagles RB 5/6 and he can still produce runs like this. I do like Sermon but I obviously realize at this point in his career that he isn’t anything special, but he’s certainly a capable runner. The vision on this run is outstanding. Once again, another very good rep of inside zone here from the offensive line too.

That’s all for this one folks, one more preseason game then we can get into the serious business.

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