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Jalen Hurts turned down Netflix’s “Quarterback” docuseries ... twice

The Eagles’ franchise QB didn’t think it was appropriate for the season.

With the Eagles back to work, quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters after their first training camp practice, and talked about benefits of a consistent coaching staff, how he resets entering a new season, and about his development. He noted that coming out onto the field for the first time in camp never gets old, and wanted to emphasize that right now the main thing is setting the identity for what this team will be.

One interesting, not-quite-football related topic that came up with the recent “Quarterback” documentary series that came out on Netflix.

“Actually turned it down last year. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for the year. So, turned down the opportunity to be on it.”

Hurts went on to confirm that he turned it down both last year and this year.

Here’s what else the QB had to say:

On the benefits of a consistent coaching staff

Hurts admitted it’s still too early to talk about any benefits to having a lot of the same offensive coaches in 2023, they haven’t done anything yet, and even though they’re familiar with one another, they still have to set a new foundation and find the identity of this team.

“That’s the main thing. Anything that was done in the past, it really doesn’t matter. It’s about what we do now, the precedent we set now and the standards we set for ourselves moving forward.”

The QB went on to talk about how there are tangible benefits from experience, and experience is the biggest teacher. He’s used that mentality through all phases of his football career, and pointed out the ongoing development, ongoing growth that has gone into him doing his job.

Later, Hurts also talked about knowing OC Brian Johnson since he was four years old, and that relationship they have certainly helps as they continue to build their communication and what that looks like.

On how he resets after a season

Hurts mentioned that he spends time setting the priorities for what he wants to achieve personally, and also understanding that certain things need to happen in order to move forward.

“We know what our goals are, but it’s a day-by-day process.”

The QB said that’s why this time of the year is very important in setting the foundation for what the team is going to be, and he’s excited to compete with his teammates to continue to get better.

He went on to explain that as they go through things, the goals may change, but the standard doesn’t — the only time the standard changes is when it rises. Hurts is just working on challenging himself and the people around him, being intentional with the work they’re doing, and this is the best time of year for that.

As for the Super Bowl loss specifically, Hurts said, “We’ve moved on,” and echoed earlier sentiments about everything being a learning experience, and that’s another one.

On his development as a QB

Hurts was asked how his game might evolve, and whether it’ll include more of a passing game or if he’ll lean into or away from the run game.

“I don’t know what that’ll bring, but I know that I am embracing the uniqueness of my game and just being a triple threat out there. Being someone knowledgeable and understanding of what’s going on in the field, being able to make those throws and being able to cause problems on the ground, as well. So, those are the three areas as a quarterback that I’m embracing, and I want to just continue to excel at.”

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