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Eagles move final OTA practice inside

Thanks for nothing, Canada.

NFL: JUN 01 Philadelphia Eagles OTA Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s been a slight adjustment to the Philadelphia Eagles’ final (and second media-attended) OTA practice.

Instead of practicing outdoors on the NovaCare Complex fields as they normally would, the Birds will be in their practice bubble (as seen in the feature picture for this article).

For those unaware, the change in plans is related to the very poor air quality in Philadelphia as a result of Canada’s wildfires. Here’s a look at just how bad it is as of me writing this article:

258 is described as “very unhealthy.” I can personally attest to it being difficult to breathe. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’ve felt generally unwell this week. Being indoors certainly feels better than being outside but it’s still not ideal. The New York Giants cancelled today’s OTA practice entirely.

Getting back to the Eagles ... why does it matter to you that they’re moving inside? Well, their indoor practices are typically less eventful than their outdoor sessions since there’s much less room to operate. So, keep that in mind as it relates to today’s practice notes and BGN Radio recap podcast.

Today’s media schedule

12:00 — Nick Sirianni press conference
12:50 — Practice begins
Post-practice — Jalen Hurts press conference

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