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Carson Wentz expects to play in 2023

The former Eagles QB isn’t currently on an NFL roster, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be as we get closer to the season.

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Despite not currently on an NFL roster, former Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz is reportedly working with Jon Gruden in hopes of of playing in 2023.

This isn’t entirely surprising, at least from the quarterback’s perspective. Of course Wentz still wants to play. This former top draft pick, and franchise QB, isn’t just going to hang things up at 30 years old by choice. But, ultimately, it might not be his choice.

After the past two seasons were nothing short of a disaster for Wentz, first in Indianapolis and then with Washington, there likely aren’t too many teams clamoring to add him to their team. So, who might be interested in adding the inconsistent QB?

It’s interesting that he’s working with Gruden down in Tampa, since the Buccaneers don’t exactly have a thriving quarterback room. Right now, the team is relying on Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask, and John Wolford. Mayfield seems to be the choice for QB1, but Wentz could certainly at least make a competition out of it.

Obviously the Panthers drafted Bryce Young to be their starting guy, but if Wentz would take a back-up role, Carolina could be in play. This would probably be more likely if Frank Reich weren’t the head coach there. While Reich and Wentz had a great thing going in Philly, that relationship did not bode well for either of them when they re-connected in Indy. It would seem doubtful that Reich would be willing to tether himself to the QB again.

With several rookie quarterback’s expecting to start in 2023, there really aren’t too many QB-needy teams, especially and unless Wentz is open to a backup spot.

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