The moment will never be too big for Nolan Smith

I watched the short pressers for the drafted rookies. Carter was just not great at talking to media, most of them did okay and maybe wavered a little in the spotlight. But Nolan Smith was spectacular, and I will tell you why his presser is a predictor of success for him in the NFL.

We know Nolan Smith's intangibles - positive, dynamic, engaging leader. This much was obvious when he stole the show at the combine. Now look at him compared to his teammates at rookie minicamp. They get in front of the media and are clearly whelmed by the new experiences. The are asked questions about their communication with the coaches and teammates and they can't separate the different pieces of advice or sometimes even who they talked to. Nolan Smith was immediately able to articulate the interactions - according to him, he has improved as a player in a short time, with Washburn teaching him to refine his lines.

Smith was ready to be coached, improved as a result, and was able to differentiate and articulate his experiences soon afterward. In the future we should expect clarity of mind in new situations, dynamic level-headed play with consistent performance, and ability to deal with adversity. He might not win the rep or be the best performer on every single play, but he is not going to let down his team with poor effort or mental mistakes. He will be a leader on and off the field like Brandon Graham but probably more cerebral and less jovial.

A lot of Eagles players are easy to root for, but this guy might be the most compelling of them all. I believe he will have an all-pro season within 5 years, because he has the physical traits and can and will develop his skills with attention to areas of improvement. He's going to the next level with good coaching and full-time commitment as a football player.