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Don’t watch this Nolan Smith video unless you want to get fired up

The Eagles’ second first-round pick is not messing around.

NFL: MAY 05 Eagles Minicamp

If you’re not looking to get even more excited about the Philadelphia Eagles landing Nolan Smith with the No. 30 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, well, you probably shouldn’t watch this video.

Whew. I feel bad if you didn’t watch ... because that’s pretty awesome.

Now, any given prospect is capable of saying those words. But not just any actually does.

And there is no doubt Smith is being authentically him. This isn’t a try hard put on.

Smith’s established will to win is part of why I felt like the Eagles should draft him as high as No. 10 overall:

There’s also reason to believe in his character. The Eagles have made good bets on prospects like this in recent years. Jalen Hurts is a dog. DeVonta is a dog. Those are just two examples of dudes you do not want to bet against. They ooze Big Winner Energy. By all accounts, Smith checks all the boxes in that regard. Just look at the intensity and passion he plays with. He’s fearless. That’s a guy you want on your team.

The way I feel about Smith reminds me of what the Eagles said about Hurts last year. Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni were consistent in their messaging about feeling confident the quarterback would hit his ceiling. The only question was ... what was that ceiling, exactly? We now know it’s pretty high for Hurts.

It remains to be seen how good Smith can become. He’s probably only going to be a rotational pass rusher as a rookie. But there should be no doubt that he’s going to do his part to be as great as he possibly can be.

You can check out Smith’s entire draft day video below. You’ll notice a few Nakobe Dean appearances in there:

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