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A.J. Brown is focused on being a ‘complete receiver’ this offseason

The Eagles’ WR is back in Philly and focused on learning from last season’s mistakes and moving forward.

Eagles players are back in Philly and back to work in the offseason program. Wide receiver A.J. Brown spoke to reporters on Wednesday, and talked about his reaction to Jalen Hurts’ new contract, how he’s focused on improving from last season, and some of the team’s offseason moves.

While TE Dallas Goedert said the guys have a chip on their shoulders coming off the Super Bowl loss, Brown said they also know that they can’t dwell on it. Personally, the WR said that he took some time to watch tape and learn from some of his mistakes, but at some point you have to move on and get back to work.

Here’s what the WR had to say:

On Jalen Hurts’ historic contract

“Just to be sitting beside him is a blessing.”

Brown said that it’s been a blessing to be able to work beside Hurts, and to help the QB achieve some of his goals last year.

“From a friend standpoint, it’s everything you can imagine. I’m so ecstatic for him. He deserves it, and I’m just excited what the future holds for him. He’s a great guy, as y’all know, he’s still that hard worker, he’s still determined to be great. So, it definitely didn’t change him, it definitely just motivated him if anything. That’s what you want.”

On offseason improvement and routine

Despite having several career-highs last season, Brown acknowledged that there’s still a lot his can improve on — although, he didn’t want to note all the specifics.

“Just, being a complete receiver. I can always just work on getting in better shape so I can have more opportunity. But, just trying to be that well-rounded receiver, and do it all. I have goals of my own, and definitely trying to achieve those. So, sky’s the limit.”

Brown and Hurts didn’t work out together in the weeks they were away from the team, with the WR saying they both had things to work on and fundamentals to focus on. But, they’re in a good place right now and are ramping up. Brown did say he wasn’t in Philly for the first week because he wasn’t in the progression to be back, yet.

The WR said it’s not hard to get back in the routine and grind, because this what they do for a living, they’re world class athletes for a reason. Adversity happens, sometimes big ones like losing the Super Bowl, but they face adversity of all sizes all the time and have to deal with it.

“I look at it in terms of, it’s just life, man. Of course, you can want something so bad, but if it’s not your time, it’s not your time. Get back to work, don’t quit, because you never know, next time could be your time. We’re one day at a time, not trying to look ahead.”

Brown also talked about some of the work he’s doing with DeVonta Smith, and pointed to helping the younger WR with his releases. He explained that it’s fun to pick each other’s brains and that trying new things is what’s fun about this part of the offseason — no one is going to get upset if something doesn’t work out, but it’s worth a try.

Other notables

  • Brown said he’s very happy with the job that Howie Roseman did this offseason with free agency, particularly keeping some of the core guys, and leaders, on the roster. Having those leaders is huge as they continue to build a really strong team that can win games. He was sure to note that he was just trolling on Twitter, but hopes people don’t take it seriously.
  • The WR was asked about Brian Johnson taking over as offensive coordinator, with Brown saying Johnson is doing a great job. He joked that it was strange hearing his voice during the first virtual meeting, but Johnson is a natural and he’s been talking to the team all the time, so it’s not new.
  • Brown said he doesn’t focus on how other teams might try and target the Eagles after the success they had last season, but he hopes they get the best of other teams because they’re going to get the Eagles’ best. Still, “It’s a new season; we’re 0-0 just like everyone else.”

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