The 25 most interesting guys the Eagles could add

FA is a few weeks old, the draft has come and gone, and the Eagles have a full roster, but I still think there are 25 guys (both FA and rumored trade targets) who I would like to see on the Eagles roster at the right price.

  1. Isiah Simmons- LB- Arizona Cardinals Simmons takes home my top spot. Out of the draft Simmons projected to be a weapon more than a straight up LB with a perfect Next Gen Stats score and perfect RAS. He was considered raw and experienced, having played at 3 positions but not mastering any 1. And that has haunted Simmons so far in his career. But for a guy that needed experience, he now has 3 years of it in the NFL. He is a fascinating addition.
  2. Daulton Risner- G- FA Im not sure the Eagles are sold on their Guard situation entering camp. Steen/Driscoll/Jurgens are currently projected to battle it out, but I like Steen as a swing tackle this year and Jurgens to continue to develop as a C. Risner is only 27, was a 2nd round pick, and has 3 yaers of PFF grades in the 60s (Dickerson graded as a 60 last year for comparison). IF Risner doesn't like his current market and wants to improve his stock, playing next to Kelce and Johnson should help.
  3. Chase Young- DE - Washington Commanders Spots 3-5 are all guys who just had their 5th year option denied, but the upside is so tantalizing. Young has already produced at the NFL Level, but injuries have limited him the last 2 years. The Eagles love Pass Rushers, and there will soon be a new Washington regime. If he hits you have a stalwart Edge.
  4. Patrick Queen LB- Baltimore Ravens Look the Eagles should upgrade the LB depth somewhere, and Queen has been pushed out of his spot in Baltimore. Not all guys come and dominate the league right away- and Queen only had 1 year starting experience in college. He would have ample opportunity to win a spot here.
  5. Mekhi Becton OT - Jets I don't know if he can keep the weight off or ever play another snap. Maybe his knees are already shot- but the Eagles do not have adequate depth at tackle. Driscoll is a fine option but Becton was projected as a Franchise LT.

    *I Know that A) There was a reason why these 5th year options were denied and B) new environment doesn't always change everything. But the prospects of these guys are so tantalizing and in the case of Becton/Young, Injuries played such a big factor.

  6. Julio Jones WR- FA Big name alert for the next 2, What cant be said about Julio at this point. The Eagles could use a big bodied WR, and Jones has taken smaller roles in the past few year as the injuries pile up. Smith was doing some groundwork here calling Jones the best 'Bama WR product.
  7. Budda Baker S- Arizona Cardinals There is a drop off at Safety without CJGJ that Baker would instantly fill. The Eagles did use a 2nd round pick on a guy and brought in 2 more, but the position is still lacking the upper end talent that CJ brought.
  8. Deion Jones- LB- FA The Eagles love random LBs. It's been a while since Deion Jones was good, but maybe its chalked up to a bad situation in Cleveland? He was mostly decent with the Falcons. Another Vet here is important.
  9. Kenneth Murray- LB- LA Chargers
  10. Jordyn Brooks- LB- Seattle Seahawks The other high upside LBs, the Eagles could poke around Murray and Brooks, who are superior athletes that havent shown it at the NFL level yet. Maybe it's just more time, maybe they never will, but i want more athletes in that room.
  11. Matt Ariaza- P- FA I said most interesting names and Ariaza is interesting for a host of reasons. The "Punt God" recently had his name cleared in court, and if the Eagles are not worried about the case, the kids leg is legendary.
  12. Artie Burns- CB- FA The Eagles seemed to address the CB depth but its all unproven. Williams, McPherson, Ringo, Ricks, Jobe- none have real positive NFL track record like Burns. If an injury happens, Burns would make me feel better about whats going on.
  13. N'Keal Harry- WR- FA Harry hasn't exactly been in the best WR situations in NE and Chicago. Nick loves coaching up the WR room, and he is a good body to compete for WR 4.
  14. KJ Hamler - WR- Denver Broncos Hamler makes Chase Young look healthy. Hamler has been unable to get on the field for any extended time and was replaced by Mims. Hamler wouldn't cost much at this point but his quickness and return ability would be interesting vs covey.
  15. Malik Willis - QB- Tennessee Titans I wasn't sure where to put Malik on this list- but he is the 3rd QB on a team and seems to be out of favor. A interesting player who was comped to Jalen Hurts out of college ( gave him "Hurts play style with Cutlers arm"). Willis is a more attractive option than the current QB3 options on the roster.
  16. John Johnson- S- FA
  17. Adrian Amos- S- FA The Veteran safeties here are interesting in different ways. Johnson was bad in Cleveland (the second player on the list to be so) but was good in LA. Amos was solid for Desai before and, like Burns, gives them a solid vet option.
  18. Frank Clark- DE- FA
  19. Robert Quinn- DE- FA I don't know exactly how to classify Reddick and Smith in this defense. If you consider them LBs, then Graham, Sweat, and Barnett are the true DEs. I don't know if Barnett is good enough as the 3rd coming off of injury, and Clark and Quinn (despite Quinn being ineffective for the Eagles last year) offer veteran rotation options. It might be an attractive spot to play 25% of snaps in a defense at their age.
  20. Jarvis Landry- WR- FA
  21. Corey Davis- WR- NY Jets Already discussed the size at WR, Landry would be an interesting Vet addition in the mix and Davis is getting pushed out of NY but still has some left in the tank. Both of them make more sense if there is an injury as they are probably searching for starting roles.
  22. Cesar Ruiz- G- New Orleans The Last 5th year option declined player on this list, Ruiz was seen as a surefire hit out of college (you almost have to if your drafted as a Round 1 guard) and hasn't lived up to it. Another Stoutland U project who is less interesting than Becton.
  23. Cam Flemming- T- FA Cam has been a really solid tackle in the league for a few years now and won 2 super bowls. Is the Dallas and NYG stink off of him yet? Would he take a swing tackle role? Probably not but a name to watch.
  24. Linval Joseph- NT- FA
  25. Ndamukong Suh- DT- FA Suh and Joesph made huge impacts on the Eagles defense last year when the tackle position was bleeding. It feels deeper but really isn't much with top end guys. Suh and Joseph, if they choose to keep playing, are probably at the front of Howie's speed dial and would probably choose to join mid-year again.
So who else will be an Eagle this year?