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5 things to know about new Eagles cornerback Greedy Williams

Browns perspective on Philadelphia’s new CB.

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The Philadelphia Eagles unexpectedly retained starting both cornerbacks in James Bradberry and Darius Slay. Despite this, the team decided to add even more talent to the position by signing Greedy Williams to a one-year contract.

Let’s get to know the new guy better by getting a Cleveland Browns perspective on him. Here’s what Jared Mueller from Dawgs By Nature had to say about him through answers to my questions.

1 - How would you recap Greedy’s time with the Browns?

Sadly for Greedy Williams, not only did the guy that drafted him get fired shortly there after but injuries limited his ability to produce. Those two things should have been enough but then being placed a zone-heavy scheme with Joe Woods was the icing on the cake. Greedy never really fit in during his time in Cleveland.

2 - How do Browns fans feel about the team not retaining him?

Williams was a very likeable player often with a big smile and cracking jokes. After GM Andrew Berry spent multiple picks on cornerbacks, signed Troy Hill (then traded him away) and gave Denzel Ward a huge extension, the writing was on the wall for fans. Williams was an afterthought and Browns fans had very little grace for the whole group of cornerbacks who seemed to get injured regularly, including Greedy.

3 - What are his strengths?

We rarely saw Williams comfortable in Cleveland. He came in as a press man corner but rarely got to play that way. As his confidence wained, Greedy became most comfortable playing off and bailing at the snap so he could break on the ball in front of him.

4 - What are his weaknesses?

Greedy often panics when in phase with a receiver, often grabbing instead of trusting his technique to stay locked on with a recevier.

5 - Anything to know about him off the field?

Besides the fact that his real name is Andraez Williams but no one calls him anything but Greedy, Williams looks a lot like Chris Rock and has a great sense of humor. If the Eagles get him mic’d up in training camp, you will see that come out. Teammates mostly enjoy him though, like a little brother, he may crack jokes at a time when others are being serious. He’s a player that should be easy to root for.

BLG’s take: Williams only signed for $600,000 guaranteed so he shouldn’t be considered a lock to make the roster. He’ll need to prove he deserves to stick around. If Greedy does show promise, there’s a path to him becoming the Eagles’ top backup cornerback. He’ll likely be competing with Zech McPhearson and/or a rookie in the 2023 NFL Draft for that role. There’s also a scenario where Greedy generates some buzz in the preseason and a team suddenly desperate for corner help trades for him. In that case, the Birds would only take on $100,000 in dead money while clearing $1.2 million. But the guess here is that Greedy makes the roster as a depth piece.

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