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Kentavius Street: “I’ve always been a fan of the Eagles”

The new DL in Philly is excited to join Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham, two guys he said set the standard for defensive lineman.

The Eagles signed DL Kentavius Street a little bit later in free agency, the former 49ers and Saints lineman is very excited to be apart of this Philly defense. He spoke with reporters on Monday and talked about the opportunity to play with this team, including guys like Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham, and how the injuries he suffered early in his career have helped him in the years since.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Eagles, going back to the days of Trent Cole and Brian Dawkins. I really feel like this Eagles organization has always had a standard that they’ve upheld. It never bends, it never falters. So, it’s extremely exciting to be a part of it because I really feel like I can put my best foot forward here.”

Here’s what the DL had to say:

On signing with the Eagles

“First off, it’s amazing being an Eagle right now.

I just had a tour of the facility meeting everyone, all the personnel and everything, and they built something truly special here. Throughout the recruitment and everything that’s involved with free agency, I felt like the Eagles the best combination of everything as far as culture, the scheme, the players and people in the building. I feel like this is the best opportunity.”

From the outside looking in, Street said that it seemed like the players and everyone associated with the team really enjoyed coming to work every day.

“I feel like that’s very rare in our line of work. It can be very grueling. Of course, it’s very demanding, and to be able to come in day in and day out and smile and enjoy being around your coworkers, that’s special.”

Street went on to say that he could see that from the Eagles on game day, noting that when a d-lineman gets a sack, it’s usually just that one guy celebrating. But, for Philly, when there was a sack, the whole defense was celebrating, and that kind of support is special.

“You want that. Like, we grind throughout the whole season — you go to training camp, OTAs, these practices —, it’s so grueling on the body, you want to see the guys want you to be successful and you want to see the other guys be successful, also. It’s special that they have that here.”

He later talked about meeting new DC Sean Desai, saying that the coordinator seemed genuinely excited to be with the Eagles and plans to continue the success the defense has been having.

On his role and his new teammates

Street said that he’ll do whatever the coaches ask of him, but he does feel like his talent and intangibles fit with the Eagles’ scheme.

The new DL trained with Josh Sweat ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, so they’re familiar with each other and Street said he’s always wanted to play alongside him. Street is also excited about getting to play with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham.

“Fletch and BG have been setting the standard for d-lineman for a long time now, and having the opportunity to be in the building with these guys, going to practice, going to war with these guys, it’s going to be huge. I think it’s gonna add so much to my game. Just being able to pick their brains, see what they see, react on how they react. Pass rush how they pass rush, you know, try to add that to my game. I know I can only get better.”

Street also talked about how playing in a deep rotation only helps his game. He said that no d-lineman sacks a QB by himself, it takes all four guys up front, so it’s important that they’re as stacked as possible.

On QB Jalen Hurts

“He’s a great quarterback and he’s a great leader. The guys want to protect him, they want to play with him, and I think they feed off his energy. He has this calm demeanor about him that you want in a quarterback. He has a cool head.”

On early career injuries

He talked about the ACL injury he suffered early in his career and how it was the first major injury he had to deal with, and it did test him mentally and emotionally. While Street was rehabbing, he had to be away from his teammates and team, and he missed that chemistry. Most of all, though, he said the injury taught him to take care of his body, which will benefit him in the years to come.

Street mentioned that it wasn’t until the 2020 season that he really began to feel normal on the field again. Despite all the craziness of the COVID season, the DL said dealing with all the injuries his first two seasons, he was so wrapped up in the emotional and mental part that he wasn’t able to focus on the football part. So, in 2020, he finally felt like a whole person and able to put up his best effort to that point.

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