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Micah Parsons reacts to Eagles drafting Jalen Carter: “I’m just sick to my stomach right now”

Micah Parsons is dumbfounded that the Birds were able to get Jalen Carter at No. 9.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Micah Parsons is so mad about how good the Eagles are at drafting.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

“I’m just sick to my stomach right now.”

The clip from Bleacher Report’s NFL Draft show on Thursday night, that is already going viral, starts off with Dallas Cowboys star outside linebacker Micah Parsons standing almost off screen lamenting what just happened.

Parsons is absolutely gobsmacked that the Eagles were able to get Georgia Bulldogs starting defensive tackle Jalen Carter with the ninth pick of the first round. He is dumbfounded! He is flabbergasted!! He is in the fifth circle of hell (that’s “anger” for those of you not up on your Dante) and might not ever return to the surface of the earth!!!

“I’m just so shocked, eight teams let Jalen Carter fall to nine,” Parsons goes on to say while the rest of the B/R crew talks to Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown, who was trying to recruit Parsons to join the Birds. “Howie [Roseman] talking for sure...the value of that pick is crazy!”

Parsons goes on to talk about how the Eagles lost Javon Hargrave, who will make $84 million during his time in San Francisco, in free agency but replaced him with a younger, cheaper, potentially just as good option. Say what you will about Parsons and the Cowboys, but he is an insightful and smart analyst and I’d wager he has a career on TV once his playing days are over.

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