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Jason Kelce loses his hair, and a little bit of his dignity, in bet with his brother Travis

The Kelce brothers held their first-ever live edition of their New Heights Show podcast and things took an interesting turn.

NFL: FEB 12 Super Bowl LVII - Eagles vs Chiefs Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In what should come as no surprise, when Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce were getting ready for their team’s respective post-season runs, the brothers made a friendly (?) wager on which of them would go further in the playoffs. Sure, they both made it to the Super Bowl, but with Travis winning the Lombardi Trophy, Jason was on the losing end of things... again.

The terms of the bet included Travis having to shave a yeti into his chest hair if he lost, and Jason having to shave his head and let Travis sign it while the Eagles veteran wore a diaper if he lost. This may seem random, but on their New Heights Show podcast, the pair have talked about whether they would, and wanting to, sign a baby — among all the other things they’ve been asked to sign. So, for Travis, this would allow him to check off “signing a baby” from his bucket list, by way of his older brother.

It’s weird, but it’s fine. Travis originally wanted Jason to shave his beard and head, but the center wasn’t having it, so they compromised.

With the NFL Draft kicking off Thursday night in Kansas City, the Kelce brothers had their first-ever live show on Wednesday, during which Jason paid up.

This isn’t the first time Jason has put his hair on the line — you’ll remember a couple seasons ago, he doubted Zach Ertz would still be on the roster at the start of training camp, so when the TE had yet to be traded, Jason showed up with bleach blonde locks.

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